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# 181
Ishq-e-phillum, junoon-e-phillum, dard-e-phillum, davaa hai phillum, dua hai phillam ... salaam-e-phillum, salaam-e-phillum, salaam-e-phillum
Films are my love, films are my passion, films cause pain, films themselves are the medicine, films are a blessing ... I salute to films, I salute to films, I salute to films
# 182
Aasunyon se keh do ab aankhon se behna chhod de ... in labon se keh do ab khamosh rehna chhod de ... apni chingari ki loh ko jalao doston ... dil mein joh barood hai usse jalao doston
Tell the tears to stop flowing from the eyes ... tell the lips to stop being quiet ... ignite the spark in you my friends ... burn the gunpowder that is there in your heart my friends
# 183
Yeh kaisi hai majboori ... hoon bin tumhare adhoori ... yeh sadiyon ki doori ... kya hogi ichcha poori ... jab pyar kiya toh darna kya ... hum mein hoga karna kya ... bhaag chalogi mere saath ... jab tum kaho din ho ya raat ... duniya se darr nahi jaogi ... bin tumhare mar nahi jaongi
What is this compulsion ... I'm incomplete without you ... this separation is from generations ... will our wish be fulfilled ... why fear if we are in love ... what will we have to do ... will you run away with me ... whenever you say be it day or night ... won't you be scared of the world ... I'll die without you
# 184
Chule ke angare jaise pehle tadpate haathon ko tab naseeb roti hoti hai ... jeevan saar yehi hai manwa tu kar, mat darr ... angaaron pe chalna hai sahi, yehi jeevan jyoti hai
When the embers of the stove first agonize the hands, then only one gets to eat bread ... the gist of life in my heart is to do, and not be afraid ... since walking on fire is the flame of life
# 185
Lagta hai tum aasman se tapki ho ... upar se neeche aakar zameen par chamki ho ... uparwaale ne kya super kaam kiya hai ... tujhe fursat mein bana diya hai
Looks like you have come from the sky ... you have shined on the ground after coming from the top ... god has done such a great work ... he has made you with a lot of time
# 186
Woh Jackie Chan hai toh main Johnny Chan hoon ... woh Hong Kong hai toh main Hindustan hoon ... mujhe side nah de toh suicide hai ... mere left se bache toh right hai ... kai aaye kai marre, Johnny Chan se sabhi darre
If he is Jackie Chan then I am Johnny Chan ... if he is Hong Kong then I am India ... if you don't give me the side then it is suicide for you ... if you get away from my left then my right is there ... many came many died, everyone is scared of Johnny Chan
# 187
Musafira sa dil mera ... tu mili tham gaya ... meharbaan joh tu hua ... khushi mili, gham gaya ... pehle sa kuch bhi hai nahi ... lagun main khud ko ajnabi ... tere kareeb hoon ... naseeb yoon dhadke hai abhi
My heart is a traveller ... but it stopped when I met you ... when you showered your love on me ... then I attained happiness and all the sorrow went away ... nothing is like what it was before ... I feel like a stranger to myself ... I'm close to you ... and now my destiny is changing fast
# 188
Kabhi akhbaar, kabhi khat kaagaz ... rozmarra ki zaroorat kaagaz ... aane jaane ki sahulat kaagaz ... jeene marne ki izazat kaagaz ... pyar ki chittiyan bhi kaagaz ki ... kaam ki arziyan bhi kaagaz ki ... jashan mein jhandiyan bhi kaagaz ki ... jism ki mandiyan bhi kaagaz ki ... bane naaton ka bhi gawah kaagaz ... kahin shaadi, kahin nikah kaagaz ... kahin talaak ka gunah kaagaz ... banaye aur kare tabah kaagaz ... cheen le khet, ghar, zameen, kaagaz ... poche aankhon ki bhi nammi kaagaz ... har jagah yoon hai laazmi kaagaz ... jaise ghar ka hai aadmi kaagaz ... kuch nahi hai, magar hai sab kuch bhi ... kya ajab cheez hai yeh kaagaz bhi
At times paper is used for news, at times for letters ... paper is an everyday necessity ... paper makes it easy to come and go ... paper is the permission to live or die ... love letters are written on paper ... work requests are written on paper ... banners in a party are made from paper ... bodies are sold on paper ... paper is a witness of relationships ... somewhere marriages are on paper ... somewhere divorces are on paper ... paper makes you and destroys you as well ... paper steals your farm, your house, your land ... paper also wipes your tears ... paper is compulsory everywhere ... it's like paper is a member of the house ... it's nothing but yet it's everything ... paper is such an unique thing
# 189
Mera sarvanash karne woh parinda uthke aaya tha ... mujhe pakadne ke liye usne abhinay chakra chalaya tha ... parinde ko laga tha ki main is chakra mein mar jaaunga ... usse yeh nahi pata ki main yeh ghosla tabah kar jaaunga
That bird had come to destroy me ... he was using the wheel of guise to catch me ... the bird thought that I'll die in that wheel ... but he wasn't aware that I'll destroy his nest
# 190
Duniya mein sadaa rehne ko aata nahi koi ... tum jaise gaye aaise bhi jaata nahi koi ... kyun marke bhi honthon pe hassi khel rahi hai ... sab jaante hai aur batata nahi koi ... dil pehle hi darta tha ki jal jayega daaman ... daaman se amar deep bhujata nahi koi
No one comes in this world to live forever ... the way you left, no one leaves like that also ... why is there a smile on your face even after death ... everyone knows that but no one is telling me ... the heart was scared that my moral will burn ... no one blows off an immortal light with moral
# 191
Saawan ki raaton mein aaisa bhi hota hai ... raahi koi bhoola hua, toofano mein khoya hua, raah pe aa jaata hai ... aaisa bhi hota hai
Even such things can happen on rainy nights ... a traveller lost in the storms, finds his path ... even such things can happen
# 192
Mehnat se mile daulat toh Allah ki rehmat hai ... mile haraam ki toh shaitan ki laanat hai ... peeth par maarkar apno ke khanjar joh mile daulat ... arre woh laanat hai, woh laanat hai, woh laanat hai
If you earn money by hardwork then it's a blessing of Allah ... if you get it for free then it's a curse from the devil ... if you get money by stabbing your dear ones on the back with a knife ... then it's a curse, it's a curse, it's a curse
# 193
Insaaf bik raha hai, emaan bik raha hai ... bazar sa laga hai, samaan bik raha hai ... is Ram ki dharti par Ravan ka raj hai ... kanoon thak chuka hai, napunsak samaaj hai ... har modh par yahan toh insaan bik raha hai ... bazar sa laga hai, samaan bik raha hai ... noton ke naam par, kahin voton ke naam par ... tirthon ke naam par, kahin dharamon ke naam par ... lag rahi hai boliyan, bhagwan bik raha hai ... bazar sa laga hai, samaan bik raha hai ... manavta lut rahi hai, khamosh hai vidhata ... dharti par badte paapon ko mitaane ... janam kyun nahi leta koi mrityudaata
Justice is being sold, faith is being sold ... a market is setup and goods are being sold ... Ravana rules on this land of Lord Ram ... the law is tired, the society is impotent ... on every corner here a human is being sold ... a market is setup and goods are being sold ... somewhere in the name of money, somewhere in the name of votes ... somewhere in the name of holy places, somewhere in the name of religions ... the prices are being set and god is being sold ... a market is setup and goods are being sold ... humanity is being stolen and god is silent ... to erase the growing sins on earth ... why doesn't some giver of death take birth
# 194
Mummy daddy meri shaadi karva rahe hai ... Sunday ko ladke waale ghar aa rahe hai ... meri baraat mein tum bhi aao ... koi pyara sa tofha lao ... jee na jalao
Mom and dad are getting me married ... the guy's family is coming to my house on Sunday ... you also come in my wedding procession ... bring some lovely gift ... and don't hurt my heart
# 195
Samajh samajhke samajh ko samajho ... samajh samajhna bhi ek samajh hai ... samajh samajhke na joh samajhe meri samajh mein woh nasamajh hai ... teri samajh hi samajh nahi hai, samajh parayi ko bhi toh samajho ... samajh parayi ko joh na samajhe ... meri samajh mein woh nasamajh hai
After thinking and understanding try to understand the thought ... even thinking and understanding is a thought ... the one who doesn't understand even after thinking and understanding is silly in my opinion ... your thought is not the only thought, try to understand someone else's thought as well ... the one who doesn't understand someone else's thought ... is silly in my opinion
# 196
Phoola chaman khushi ka jaane bahar aaya ... aankhon ka noor aaya, dil ka qaraar aaya ... dekhe joh khwab dil ne, tabeer hai yeh unki ... humko bhi zindagi ka ab aetbaar aaya ... joh phool-e-ilahi, hasta rahe hamesha ... joh bagh-e-zindagi mein bankar bahar aaya
The flower garden blossomed when spring came ... my eyes were able to see the light and my heart was at peace ... this is an interpretation of the dreams that my heart had seen ... now even I was able to have faith in life ... let the god of flowers always be happy ... the one who has come in the garden of my life as spring
# 197
Har nakamyab aadmi ke andar ek kavi chupa hi hota hai ... aur har kamyab kavi doosri sab cheezon mein nakamyab rehta hai
Inside every unsuccessful man there is a hidden poet ... and every successful poet is unsuccessful in everything else
# 198
Uthho jawaan-e-watan, bandhe huye sar se kafan ... uthho dakkhan ki aur se, Gang-o-Jaman ki aur se ... Punjab ke dil se uthho, Satluj ke sahil se uthho ... awaaz do hum ek hai, hum ek hai, hum ek hai
Rise up the youth of the country, let's tie a shroud on our head ... rise from the south, rise from the rivers of Ganga and Jamuna ... rise from the heart of Punjab, rise from the banks of Satluj ... and shout that we are one, we are one, we are one
# 199
Yeh halat hui hai iski, pee peekay rum aur whiskey ... liver bhi ho gaya risky ... yeh uski hai na iski, badhon badhon ki jaan hai khiski ... oo peene waale sun, teri jaan ki dushman whiskey ... agar tu saath na iska chhodega, yamraj se naata jodega ... apna bhala bura pehchan, beta hum badhon ki baat ko maan ... yeh whiskey bahut hai risky, yeh whiskey bahut hai risky ... badhon badhon ki jaan hai khiski
His condition is like this because of drinking rum and whiskey ... his liver has become risky ... it belongs to no one, the greatest of the greats have lost their life due to it ... the one who is drinking please listen, the whiskey is an enemy of your life ... if you don't leave it then you're connecting with the god of death ... recognize your good and bad, listen to elders like me ... this whiskey is very risky, this whiskey is very risky ... the greatest of the greats have lost their life due to it
# 200
Haan mera dil keh raha hai main sar se leke paon tak, tere sandali badan pe mohabbat likh doon ... mera dil keh raha hai main tere surkh taraste hoton ki lali pe, apne labon ki shabnami shararat likh doon ... haan mera dil keh raha hai tere pajeb ki jhankar pe, tere bahon ki chandan haar pe, apni bechaini ki halat likh doon ... mera dil keh raha hai tere uljhe kesu savar in aankhon ke aaine mein, tera dulhan sa roop niharon ... is mahekti zameen ki sej pe apne armano ki chahat likh doon, mohabbat likh doon, mohabbat
Yes my heart is saying that I want to write my love from head to toe on your body, which is so fragrant of sandalwood ... my heart is saying that let my drops of dew play a mischief upon your ochered dripping wet lips ... yes my heart is saying that I want to write about my restless condition on the chime of your anklets, on your arms so fragrant of sandalwood ... my heart is saying that I want to caress your tangled hair, I want you mirrored in my eyes resplendent as a bride ... I want to write my desires on this fragrant soil, I want my love etched, etched in
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