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Alok Nath

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# 1
Maine tumhe maa ke kadmo ke neeche swarg dhoondne ka paath padaya ... aur tum tawaif ke kadmo ke neeche nark dhoondne chale aaye ho
I taught you the lesson to find heaven in your mother's feet ... and you have come here looking for hell in the feet of a prostitute
# 2
Jis din saare beton ke baap aap jaise ho jayenge ... us din betiyan kisi baap ke liye bojh nahi kehlayengi
The day when all fathers of sons become like you ... that day daughters will not be called a burden for any father
# 3
Bane chahe dushman zamana hamara, salamat rahe dostana hamara ... na bechre marke bhi hum doston, hum mein dosti ki kasam doston ... pata koi pooche toh kehte hai hum, ek dujhe ke dil mein rehte hai hum ... nahi aur koi thikana hamara, salamat rahe dostana hamara
Even if the world is our enemy, may our friendship be immortal ... friends we won't be separated even after we die, swear on our friendship ... if someone ask for our address we say, we live in each other's hearts ... we have no other place, may our friendship be immortal
# 4
The family that prays together, eats together ... stays together
The family that prays together, eats together ... stays together
# 5
Manzil ko paane ke liye insaan jab apne hi aasoon, khoon aur pasine mein lat-pat ho jaata hai ... toh mushkilen uska raasta kabhi nahi rok sakti
When a person gets covered with his tears, blood and sweat to achieve a goal ... then the difficulties can never stop him
# 6
Jitna sukh saath rehne mein hai ... utna alag rehne mein nahi
Living together gives more happiness ... than living separate
# 7
Gutter ke gandhe pani mein agar puja ke phool mila do ... toh woh Ganga jal nahi ban jata
I you mix the flowers of worship in the dirty water from the gutter ... then it does not become water from the Ganges river
# 8
Mera na life ka usool hai ... ch*tiye insaan ko kabhi mat batao ki woh ch*tiye hai
I have this principle in life ... never tell a jerk that he's a jerk
# 9
Roohein toh kamzarf aur buzdil insaanon ki kaapti hai
Only the souls of ungenerous and the cowards shiver
# 10
Zubaan ki keemat jaan ki keemat se bahut zyada hai
The value of words is much more than the value of life
# 11
Joh kaam aaj poore nahi hue woh kal poore honge ... har subah apne saath asha ki ek nayi kiran lekar aati hai
The work that was not finished today will be finished tomorrow ... every morning gets with itself a new ray of hope
# 12
Waqt ke aage kisi ki nahi chalti ... isliye waqt par hi chod dijiye
No one can be over time ... hence leave it to time itself
# 13
Buzdil hota hai woh insaan joh doosre ke bataye huye paap ke raaste par chalkar ... apni sharafat ko apne pairo tale raund daalta hai
A coward person walks on someone else's sinful path ... and crushes his own honesty with his own legs
# 14
Zindagi mein hamesha apna faida nahi dekhna chahiye ... kabhi kabhi kuch kaam doosron ki bhalai ke liye bhi karne chahiye
In life you shouldn't always think about your profit ... sometimes you should do some work that benefits others also
# 15
Duniya ki sabse oonchi imaarat ban jaane ke baad apne naam se pehchani jaati hai ... usse banane waalon ke naam se nahi
The tallest building in the world after being built is known by its name ... and not by the people who make it
# 16
Pyar mein jeet ussi ki hoti hai ... joh raaste mein aane waali har deewar ko gira de
Only those people succeed in love ... who drop every wall that comes in between
# 17
Sachchai ke raaste par chalne waalo ko ... duniya ki parwah nahi karni chahiye
People who walk on the path of truth ... should not worry about the world
# 18
Maine itne aasoon dekhe hai ... ke unhe jama karta toh ek samundar ban jaata
I have seen so many tears ... that had I collected them it would have made an ocean
# 19
Andhere ko agar mitaana ho ... toh diye ko apne sarr mein aag lagani padti hai
If you want to eliminate the darkness ... then the candle has to burn its wick
# 20
Aadmi issi mitti se banta hai, issi par jeeta hai, issi ke liye ladta hai aur aakhir mein ... issi mitti mein mil jaata hai
A human is made from this land, he lives on this land, he fights for this land and in the end ... he mixes with this land
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