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# 41
Roses are red, violets are blue ... sex can be dangerous, but love can be to
Roses are red, violets are blue ... sex can be dangerous, but love can be to
# 42
Jaane kya baat hai usmein joh mujhe kisi aur mein nazar nahi aati ... kya kashish hai un aankhon mein ki main nazar hata nahi paati ... kya hai joh mujhe har pal hairan kiya karta hai ... kya hai joh main tasavvur se mitta nahi paati
I don't know what quality is there that I don't see in others ... what attraction is there in those eyes that I can't take my eyes of it ... what is it that keeps me worried all the time ... what is it that I can't erase with imagination
# 43
Bekhabar soye hai woh loot ke woh neendein meri, jazba-e-dil pe taras khane ko jee chahta hai ... kabse khamosh hue ho jaane jahan kuch bolo ... kya abhi aur sitam dhane ko jee chahta hai
She has stolen my sleep and she is sleeping calmly, I wish to pity on my heart ... oh my love say something, you've been quiet for a long time ... do you still wish to trouble me more
# 44
Pighle neelam sa behta hua yeh samaan, neeli neeli si khamoshiyan, na kahin hai zameen na kahin aasmaan ... sarsaraati huyi tehniyan pattiyan, keh rahi hai ki bas ek tum ho yahan ... sirf main hoon meri saansein hai aur meri dhadkane, aisi gehraiyan, aisi tanhaiyan, aur main sirf main ... apne hone pe mujhko yakeen aa gaya
This moment flows like a molten sapphire with deep blue silence, neither there is the earth nor the sky ... the rustling branches and leaves, are saying that only you are here ... only me, my breathe and my heartbeat, the deepness, the loneliness, and me and only me ... all makes me believe in my existence
# 45
Sangemarmar se tarasha hua ye shaukh badan, itna dilkash hai ki apnane ko jee chahta hai ... surkh hooton mein terakhti hai woh rangeen sharaab, jisko pee peekay bahak jaane ko jee chahta hai ... naram seene mein dhadakte hai woh nazuk toofan, jinki leharon mein utar jaane ko jee chahta hai ... tum se kya rishta hai kab se hai yeh maloom nahi, lekin is husn pe mar jaane ko jee chahta hai ... humse behtar hai yeh pazeb joh is paon mein hai, issi pazeb mein dhal jaane ko jee chahta hai ... rakhle kal ke liye yeh doosri pazeb-e-dil, kal issi baz mein phir aane ko jee chahta hai
This beautiful body chiseled with marble, is so captivating that I wish I could make it mine ... the colorful alcohol that is flowing through your ruby lips, I wish I could drink that and wander ... the delicate storms that are beating in your soft heart, I wish I could get down in those waves ... I don't know what relation I have with you and since when, but I wish I could die for your body ... the anklet that is your leg is better than me, I wish I could settle in that anklet ... oh my heart keep the other anklet for tomorrow, I wish to come tomorrow for the same reason
# 46
Jab raaton ko taare ginne ka mann kare aur har taare pe mera naam bhunane ko dil kahe ... samajh lena pyar hai ... jab chalte chalte peeche mudne ka mann kare ... beedh mein, anjaane mein aankhen mujhe dhoonde lage ... samajh lena wohi pyar hai ... agar yakeen na ho toh yeh haath thaamkar dekh lo ... dhadkane wahin tham jaaye toh samajh lena yahi pyar hai
When you feel liking counting the stars in the night and when you feel like writing my name on every star ... then understand that you're in love ... when you feel like looking back when you're walking forward ... when your eyes strangely search for me in the crowds ... then understand that you're in love ... if you don't believe me then hold my hand and see ... if your heartbeats stop right there, then understand that you're in love
# 47
Kabhi mujhko hasaye, kabhi mujhko rulaye ... mujhe kitna sataati hai ... woh ladki bahut yaad aati hai
Sometime she make me smile, sometimes she makes me cry ... how much she troubles me ... I remember that girl a lot
# 48
Taambe ko joh sona bana de, patthar mein joh heera tarashe, taqdeer ko talwar bana de, maut ko joh jeena sikha de ... hai kuch aaise log joh jeete hai shaan se aur aazmaate hai apni jaan se ... hai jeetna inki fitrat, jab hathyaar hai inka luck
One who turns copper into gold, one who finds a diamond in the rough, one who turns his fate into a sword, one who teaches death to live ... there are some people who live with pride and keep trying with their life ... to win is their nature, when luck is their weapon
# 49
Jaise til mein tel hai, jyon chakmak mein aag ... tera Sai tujh mein hai, tu jaag sake toh jaag
Like oil in sesame, and fire in flint stone ... your God is within you, realize that if you can
# 50
Darya bhi main, darakht bhi main ... Jhelum bhi main, chinar bhi main ... dair bhi hoon, haram bhi hoon ... Shai bhi hoon, Sunni bhi hoon, main hoon pandit ... main tha, main hoon aur main hi rahoonga
I'm the sea, I'm the tree ... I'm the river Jhelum, I'm the aspen tree ... I'm the temple, I'm the sin ... I'm Shai, I'm Sunni, I'm a pandit ... I was there, I am here and I will be there
# 51
Kaise bataon main tumhe mere liye tum kaun ho ... kaise bataon main tumhe tum dhadkanon ka geet ho, jeevan ka tum sangeet ho, tum zindagi, tum bandagi, tum roshni, tum taazgi, tum har khushi, tum pyar ho, tum preet ho, manmeet ho ... aankhon mein tum, yaadon mein tum, saanson mein tum, aahon mein tum, neendon mein tum, khwaabon mein tum ... tum ho meri har baat mein, tum ho mere din raat mein, tum subaah mein, tum shyaam mein, tum soch mein, tum kaam mein ... mere liye paana bhi tum, mere liye khona bhi tum, mere liye hasna bhi tum, mere liye rona bhi tum aur jaagna sona bhi tum ... jaaon kahin, dekhon kahin, tum ho wahan, tum ho wahin ... kaise bataon main tumhe tum bin toh main kuch bhi nahi ... kaise bataon main tumhe mere liye tum kaun ho
How can I tell you who you are to me ... how can I tell you that you are the song of my heartbeats, you are the music of my life, you are my life, you are my devotion, you are my light, you are my freshness, you are my every happiness, you are my love, you are my affection, you are my soulmate ... you are in my eyes, you are in my memories, you are in my breath, you are in my sighs, you are in my sleep, you are in my dreams ... you are in every word of mine, you are in my days and nights, you are in my morning, you are in my evening, you are in my thoughts, you are in my work ... for me gaining is also you, for me losing is also you, for me laughing is also you, for me crying is also you and waking up and sleeping are also you ... wherever I go, wherever I look, you are there, you are right there ... how can I tell you that I am nothing without you ... how can I tell you who you are to me
# 52
Paap se dharti phati, adharm se aasmaan, atyachaar se kaanpi insaaniyat, raj kar rahe haivaan ... jinki hogi taqat apoorv, jinka hoga nishana abhed, joh karenge inka sarvanaash ... woh kehlayenge Tridev!
The earth is torn by sin, the heavens are cleaved by wrong, atrocities leave humanity trembling, the satans are ruling ... those who will have infinite strength, those who will target the evil unflinchingly, those who will destroy the wrong-doers ... they will be called trinity
# 53
Kasam ki kasam hai kasam se, humko pyar hai sirf tumse ... ab yeh pyar na hoga phir humse, kasam ki kasam hai kasam se
I swear in the name of swearing itself, that I love only you ... now I can't fall in love again, I swear in the name of swearing itself
# 54
Woh kehte hai mera desh uska nahi, phir kyun mere ghar woh rehti hai ... woh kehte hai main us jaisa nahi, phir kyun mujh jaisi woh lagti hai
They say that my country is not her's, then why does she live in my house ... they say that I am not like her, then why does she look like me
# 55
Chidiyon se main baaz ladaun ... gidderon se main sher banaun ... sawa lakh se ek ladaun ... tabhe Gobind Singh naam kahaun
I make the sparrows fight with the hawks ... I make lions out of wolves ... when one fights against many ... only then he is called as Gobind Singh (Guru)
# 56
Mohabbat kis chiddiya ka naam hai, humein bhi batana ... bhor saver woh kabhi gungunaye, toh humein bhi sunana ... dikh jaye toh dikhana ... kisi roz kabhi aangan aaye, behla phuslake rok toh lenge ... mishri ki daaliyan apne haathon se uski chonch mein denge ... sikha denge usse hamara naam daurana ... seekh lenge bina parwah kiye udh jaana ... suna hai kaante pe dil khop gulaabon mein rakht bhar deta hai ... jaan dekar dil mein ghar kar leta hai ... neend chura churake, chain jodh jodhke, ek gharaunda banata hai, aahon ke jhule jhulata hai ... phir jab do din sau saal se guzarte hai hum patjhad se bhikarte hai ... woh pinjre mein band chhod, rooh ko todh marodh kisi aur chajje pe ek naya geet gaata hai ... dana tum daalo woh kisi aur ko phasata hai
Which bird is like love, tell me that ... early morning when he sings, then let me know ... if you see him, then let me know ... someday when he comes to my courtyard, I'll coax and stop him ... I'll put the sugar cubes in his mouth using my own hands ... I'll teach him how to repeat my name ... and I'll learn from him how to fly away being carefree ... I've heard that he pricks his heart with thorns and fills the flowers with his blood ... he sacrifices his life to make some room in our heart ... he steals our sleep, he builds peace and makes a house where he swings with sighs ... later when a couple days pass like a hundred years, then we disperse like the autumn season ... he breaks the cage, he twists and turns his soul, and then sings some new song on a new terrace ... you give him the food and he falls for someone else
# 57
Ik baat honthon tak hai joh aayi nahi, bas aankhon se hai jhaankti ... tumse kabhi, mujhse kabhi kuch lafz hai woh maangti ... jinko pehan ke honthon tak aa jaye woh, awaaz ki baahon mein baahein daalke ithlaye woh ... lekin joh yeh ek baat hai, ehsaas hi ehsaas hai ... khushboo si hai jaise hawa mein tairti, khushboo joh be-aawaaz hai ... jiska pata tumko bhi hai, jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai ... duniya se bhi chupta nahi, yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai
There is a thing that still hasn't come on my lips, it only peeks through my eyes ... it is asking for words, sometimes from you and sometimes from me ... so that it can wear those words and come on the lips, so that it can be embraced by words ... but this thing, is only a feeling ... it's like fragrance floating in the air, fragrance without a voice ... that you know of, and so do I ... it's not hidden from the world, what kind of a secret is this
# 58
Naam roop ke bhed par kiya kabhi hai gaur ... naam mila kuch aur, shakal akal kuch aur ... agni raje bilkul thande, Shanti bhaiya chalaye dande ... poonch na peeche inch bhi naam phir bhi Hanuman, Arjunlal ke ghar mile na teer-kaman ... aur Moolchandji itne bhaari, darshan dete toot jaye kursi bechari
Have you ever thought about the differences between the name and the appearance ... the name describes something, and the body and mind describes something else ... like the fire is totally cold, and Shanti (peace) brother is using the sticks ... like there is not even an inch of a tail behind but the name is still is Hanuman, and like not finding a bow and arrow in Arjun's house ... also Mr. Moolchand is so heavy, that the poor chair breaks just by seeing him
# 59
Zaroori baat kehni ho ... koi vaada nibhana ho ... usse awaaz deni ho ... usse wapas bulana ho ... hamesha der kar deta hoon main ... kisi ko maut se pehle kisi gham se bachana ho ... haqeeqat aur thi kuch usko jaake yeh batana ho ... hamesha der kar deta hoon main
When it's time to say something important ... when it's time to fulfill a promise ... when it's time to call a name ... when it's time to call someone back ... I always end up being late ... when it's time to protect someone from sadness before death ... when it's time to tell someone what the truth is ... I always end up being late
# 60
Mujhe yakeen hai ki sirf shehar chote hote hai, wahan ke log aur unke khwaab nahi ... mujhe yakeen hai aadmi ka kadh uske iraadon se naapa jaata hai ... mujhe yakeen hai naseeb ki baat sirf woh karte hai joh kabhi bhi maidaan mein utre hi nahi ... mujhe yakeen hai ki thakaan aur pressure sirf ek bhram hai ... mujhe yakeen hai haar aur jeet ke beech ka faasla bada hai, par namumkin nahi ... karo yakeen toh duniya tumhari
I'm confident that only cities are small, not the people from there or their dreams ... I'm confident that the height of a person is measured by his intentions ... I'm confident that only those who have never stepped on a playground talk about luck ... I'm confident that fatigue and pressure are both just a misconception ... I'm confident that the distance between losing and winning is big, but not impossible ... if you're confident then the world will be yours
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