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Border Hindustan Ka

Release Year - 2003
# 1
Mainu Delhi nahi le jana ... mera chitta singhasan yahin banana ... mera mooh dushman var rakhna jab mainu aag lagana ... humne nahi seekha dushman ko peeth dikhana ... mere shastra mere saath sulana ... amrit kande taar da mere mooh vich paana ... "Bole So Nihal" da nara lagana ... main markar bhi ladunga, mera bhog na paana
Don't take me Delhi ... make the throne for my pyre right here ... keep my face pointing towards the enemy when you burn me ... I haven't learnt to show my back to the enemy ... keep my weapons next to me ... put the holy water in my mouth ... keep shouting "Bole So Nihal" (whoever utters, shall be fulfilled) ... I'll fight even after dying, don't have the death ceremony for me
# 2
Khwaab kabhi na poora hoga dushman ke armaan ka ... dekhen kaise paar kare woh border Hindustan ka
The dream of the enemies desire will never be fulfilled ... let' see how can they cross the border of India
# 3
Mazloomon ke liye dhaal hai hum, dushmanon ke liye kaal hai hum ... awaaz se duniya tharaye, woh Guru Gobind Singh ke lal hai hum
I'm armour for the victims, I'm time for the enemies ... the world shakes with my voice, I'm that son of Guru Gobind Singh
# 4
Kes, kach, kada, kirpan, kangha, Sikhon ka nishan ... dhoondte reh jaoge nakshe mein Pakistan
Hair, inner shorts, iron bangle, knife and comb are the signs of Sikhs ... you guys will keep looking for Pakistan on the map
# 5
Dushmani aur nafrat se zameen par lakeerein kheenchi ja sakti hai ... dilon par nahi
With enmity and hatred you draw lines on the ground ... not on the hearts
# 6
Soora so pehchaniye, joh lade deen ke heth ... purja purja kat mare, kabu na chhode khet
The one who is brave, he fights for the justice of everyone ... he may get cut into pieces and die, but he won't leave the battlefield
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