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# 141
Kholo kholo apni aankhen aur gaur se suno ... dene ko toh bahut kuch hai, par apna sa kuch dena chahti hoon ... ek boond suraj ki, ek qatra aasman ka, koyal ki aadhi kook aur kuch jagmagate sapne ... achcha lage toh aur maango ... dene ko toh bahut kuch hai, par apna sa kuch dena chahti hoon ... aasman sa aaina, ek dibbi titliyon ki, ek chamach nadi ki dhar aur ek mutthi zindagi ... achcha lage toh aur maango ... dene ko toh bahut kuch hai, par apna sa kuch dena chahti hoon
Open your eyes and listen carefully ... I have so many things to give, but I want to give something personal ... one drop of the sun, a fragment of the sky, half song of the cuckoo bird and some glittering dreams ... if you like it then ask for more ... I have so many things to give, but I want to give something personal ... the sky like a mirror, a box of butterflies, a spoon of the river and one handful of life ... if you like it then ask for more ... I have so many things to give, but I want to give something personal
# 142
Allah ke noor se chalka hai chehra ... yeh kaisi bandagi banta hai chehra ... joh kal tak ajnabi anjaan sa tha ... hamari zindagi banta hai chehra
This face is glowing because of Allah's light ... what kind of a prayer is this face ... the one who was a stranger until yesterday ... has become the face of my life
# 143
Falak se awaaz hai ke aao ... tumhare layak na thi woh duniya ... tumhari khatir hum aasman par ek aur duniya saja rahe hai ... khuda ka irshaad ho raha hai ... falak nasheeno salaam bhejo ... lahu mein doobey shaheed-e-ulfat meri panahon mein aa rahe hai ... meri panahon mein aa rahe hai ... meri panahon mein aa rahe hai
There is a call from the skies to come ... this world is unfit for you ... we are decorating another new world for you in the skies ... it's God's order ... that the shining stars in the skies send your message ... the martyrs of love drenched in blood are coming into my protection ... are coming into my protection ... are coming into my protection
# 144
Main seedhe sadhe dhang se kehta hoon apni baat ... ek ghar basana chahta hoon main tumhare saath ... kya dogi mere haathon mein bolo tum apna haath
I'll say my point in a straight manner ... I want to settle down in a home with you ... tell me if you'll give your hand in my hand
# 145
Rishtey bina hai jis tarah, saaye bina aadmi ... dil ki kisi dori se hai, bandha hua aadmi ... lamba safar umar ka hai, tanha guzarta nahi ... sar par agar dhoop na ho, saaya utarta nahi ... dil ka yeh sikka chal jaane de ... rishta yeh rishta pak jaane de
A person without a relationship is like a person without a shadow ... a person tied with some string of the heart ... the long journey of life doesn't pass with loneliness ... if there isn't sunlight on the head then the shadow doesn't come out ... let the coin of the heart move ... let this relationship mature
# 146
Na takht hai na taj hai, dilon pe jiska raj hai ... zameen pe jiske paon, aasman pe nigah hai ... yeh sabka ladla hai, yeh Lal Baadshah hai
Neither does he have a throne nor does he have a crown, but he rule the hearts ... his feet are on the ground and his sight is on the sky ... he is loved by all and he is Lal Baadshah (king)
# 147
Sunday ke baad monday, rupaye ke char ande ... khaye kisi aur ne dande, ab raj kar rahe hai mushtande
After sunday comes monday, you get 4 eggs with one rupee ... someone was hit by the sticks, and the big people are ruling
# 148
Joh lada jung ke maidan par wohi shaheed hua ... lekin joh lada hi nahi woh pehle hi gaya ... samman ki is ladai mein apmaan bhi hoga ... lekin joh apni nazaron se girega woh atmasamman se bhi gaya ... besharamon ki is basti mein ab humne toh thaan li hai ... tann pe rahe na ek bhi kapda lekin izzat humne apni zaroor bachani hai
The one who fought in the battlefield is the one who became a martyr ... but the one who didn't even fight is dead before that ... in this fight for respect we'll might get disrespected ... but the one who falls in his own eyes has lost even his self-respect ... now in this colony of shameless people we've decided that ... even if we don't have a single piece of clothing on our body but still we have to protect our dignity
# 149
Yeh raat hai ya tumhari zulfein khuli hui hai ... hai chandni ya tumhari nazaron se meri raatein dhuli hui hai ... yeh chand hai ya tumhara kangan, sitaren hai ya tumhara aanchal ... hawa ka jhaunka hai ya tumhare badan ki khushboo ... yeh pattiyon ki hai sarsarahat ki tumne chupke se kuch kaha hai ... yeh soochta hoon main kabse gumsum, ki jabki mujhko bhi yeh khabar hai ki tum nahi ho, kahin nahi ho ... magar yeh dil hai ki keh raha hai ki tum yahin ho, yahin kahin ho
Is it night or is your hair disseminated ... is this moonlight or are my nights damped by your eyes ... is this the moon or your bangle, are these the stars or your scarf ... is this a gust of wind or the fragrance of your body ... is this the soft rustling sound of the leaves or did you whisper something ... I'm quietly thinking about this since a long time, and when I know that you are not here, nowhere around here ... but this heart is saying that you are here, somewhere around here
# 150
Aankhon mein kuch nammi si hai ... chup chup se woh behte hai ... nazuk si nighaon mein nazuk sa fasana hai
There is some softness in the eyes ... and he is sitting quietly ... in his sensitive eyes there is a sensitive story
# 151
Naam hai ishq mera, husn ka deewana hoon ... kabhi bhanwara kabhi bulbul, kabhi parwana hoon ... mere hi dum se haseeno mein mohabbat jaagi ... naaz-o-andaz-o-adashokhi shararat jaagi ... jab haseen log mera naam liya karte hai ... dono haathon se jigar thaam liya karte hai ... phir bhi tanhai ka ehsaas liye phirta hoon ... ek dariya hoon magar pyaas liye phirta hoon
My name is love and I'm crazy for a beautiful body ... sometimes I'm a bee, sometimes a bulbul bird, sometimes a moth ... it's due to me that the beauties have fallen in love ... they have grace and style due to me ... when beautiful people take my name ... then they hold their heart with both hands ... but still I roam around feeling lonely ... I'm a sea, but I roam around being thirsty
# 152
Koi atka hua hai pal shayad ... waqt main pad gaya hai bal shayad ... dil agar hai toh dard bhi hoga ... iska koi nahi hai hal shayad
A moment seems to be stuck ... time seems to be under crisis ... if there's a heart then there's bound to be pain ... there seems to be no solution to this
# 153
Hai aur bhi duniya mein sukhanavar bahut achche ... kehte hai ki Ghalib ka hai andaaz-e-bayaan aur
There are many good poets in the world ... but they say that Ghalib's style (of poetry) is different
# 154
Main ki main ko chhod de ... main na kisi ki hove ... joh marzi bhagwan ki ... woh tere sang sajoye
Quit saying me, myself ... me doesn't belong to anyone ... whatever god wants ... that will happen with you
# 155
Kaise bataon main tumhe mere liye tum kaun ho ... kaise bataon main tumhe mere liye tum dharam ho, mere liye imaan ho ... tum hi ibaadat ho meri, tum hi to chaahat ho meri ... tum hi mera armaan ho, takta hoon main har pal jisse tum hi to voh tasveer ho, tum hi meri taqdeer ho ... tum hi sitaara ho mera, tum hi nazaara ho mera ... yudhyan mein mere ho tum, jaise mujhe ghere ho tum ... purab mein tum, paschim mein tum, uttar mein tum, dakshin mein tum, saare mere jeevan mein tum, har pal mein tum, har chin mein tum ... mere liye rasta bhi tum, mere liye manzil bhi tum, mere liye saagar bhi tum, mere liye saahil bhi tum ... main dekhta bas tumko hoon, main sochta bas tumko hoon, main jaanta bas tumko hoon, main maanta bas tumko hoon, tum hi meri pehchaan ho ... kaise bataon main tumhe, devi ho tum mere liye, mere liye bhagwaan ho ... kaise bataon main tumhe mere liye tum kaun ho
How can I tell you who you are to me ... how can I tell you that for me you are religion, for me you are the conscience ... you are my prayer, you are my desire ... you are my wish, you are the picture at which I keep looking every moment, you are my destiny ... you are my star, you are my sight ... you are in my battles, as if you are shielding me ... you are in the east, you are in the west, you are in the north, you are in the south, you are in my entire life, you are in every moment, you are in every instant ... for me you are also the road, for me you are also the destination, for me you are also the ocean, for me you are also the shore ... I only see you, I only think about you, I only know you, I only believe in you, you are my identity ... how can I tell you, you are a goddess for me, you are god for me ... how can I tell you who are you to me
# 156
Markar bhi ho zaban pe Hindustan hamara, markar bhi haathon mein ho Hindustan ka nara ... agar aaisi maut mile humko, toh marna roz gavaran ... phir tu ab maare yah kal maare, hai marna humko pyara
Even after dying Hindustan is in our words, and even after dying the sign of Hindustan is in our hands ... if we get such a death, we are ready to die everyday ... and since we love death, it does not matter if you kill us today or tomorrow
# 157
Sirf hungama khada karna mera maqsad nahi, mera maqsad nahi meri koshish hai yeh soorat badalni chahiye ... aaj yeh deewaar parde ki tarah hilne lagi, sharat yeh thi lekin ki buniyaad hilni chahiye ... meere seene mein na sahi, tumhare seene mein sahi ... ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye
It's not my intention to just make a blast, it's my attempt that the faces must change ... today this wall is shaking like a curtain, but the bet was to shake the foundation ... if not in my heart, then atleast in your heart ... it doesn't matter where the fire is, but the fire must keep on burning
# 158
Chehra mera tha, nigaahein uski ... khamoshi mein bhi woh baatein uski ... mere chehre pe ghazal likhti gayi ... sher kehti hui aankhen uski
It was my face and his eyes ... his conversations even in the silence ... writing a poem on my face ... were his eyes reciting a verse
# 159
Tera mera sheeshay ka ghar ... phir kyun dono ke haath mein patthar ... main bhi soochon, tu bhi sooch ... kya tujhe maloom na tha leheren aati hai, jaati hai ... phir bhi kyun likha naam ret par ... tu bhi sooch, main bhi soochon ... kyun teri behen beti ghar mein aur kisi ki bazaar mein ... tu bhi sooch, main bhi soochon
Our houses are made with glass ... they why do we both have stones in our hands ... I'll think and you think as well ... didn't you know that waves come and go ... then why did you write our names in the sand ... you think and I'll think as well ... why is it that your sister and daughter are in the house and someone else's are in the market ... you think and I'll think as well
# 160
Tarcol ki ek sadak par do saaye hai ... andhere ki najayaz aulaad hai shayad ... ghoont ghoont khoon pee kar dono pale hai shayad ... paon tale zameen hai na sar pe aasmaan hai ... zindagi kuchal gayi, yeh unki daastan hai
On the asphalt road there are two shadows ... may be they are the illegitimate children of darkness ... may be they have grown up drinking blood ... they neither have ground beneath their feet nor a sky above their heads ... this is the tale of those whose lives have been crushed
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