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Family Dialogues

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# 81
Khandaan, maan maryada, shaan-o-shaukat, rutba aur vakaar ... sadiyo ki mehnat aur mushakat ke pasine aur zindagi ki kash-ma-kash ke baad banta hai
Family, reputation, glamour, status and prestige ... is built with years of hard work, sweat of tiredness and stress of life
# 82
Ghar mein devi jaisi bahu hai, toh phir tirth yatra ki kya zaroorat?
When there is a Goddess like daughter-in-law in the house, then whats the need for pilgrimage?
# 83
Maa behen ki izzat ki jaati hai ... na ke unke izzat ki maa behen
You should respect your mother and your sister ... you shouldn't destroy their honour
# 84
Har ladki apne maikke ki chaya chhodkar sasural mein aati hai ... agar maa baap ki jagah saas sasur lele ... toh sasural mein maikke ki kami nahi hoti
Every girl leaves the shadow of her parents house and comes into her in-laws house ... if the mother-in-law and father-in-law take the place of the mother and father ... then in her in-laws house she doesn't miss her parents house
# 85
Fakira jama nadi mein, sabki maange khair ... ho gayi dosti Mahesh se, ab na raha khandan ka bair
A priest is standing in a river, and he wishes welfare of all ... we are now friends with Mahesh, hence the family doesn't have an enemy
# 86
Aap saas bankar hamari zindagi mein aayi ... aur itna pyar diya ki hamari maa ban gayi
You came in my life as a mother-in-law ... and you gave me so much love that you became my mother
# 87
Tere saare khandaan ki maut ... mere haath ki lakeeron mein likhi hai
The death of your entire family ... is written on the palm lines of my hand
# 88
Jab ghar ki jawaan bahu bahar rang raliyan manati phire ... toh budhe sasur ko neend kaise aa sakti hai
When the young daughter-in-law of the house is having fun outside ... then how can the old father-in-law sleep
# 89
Bahu, bahu ... apne guni haathon se chawal bana do, saath mein daal ... chaar paanch parathe ... aur do ek sabzi ... zyada kasht mat uthana
Daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law ... with your gifted hands make rice and with that daal ... 4 to 5 parathe ... and 1 or 2 cooked vegetables ... don't trouble yourself more
# 90
Ghar ek qila ki tarah hota hai ... aur us mein basne waale log maa, baap, bhai, behen, bachche uski deewar ... kisi bhi deewar mein zara si bhi daraar padh jaye ... toh deewar hi nahi gir jaati balki ghar hi toot girta hai
A home is like a fort ... and the people who live it like mother, father, brother, sister, children are its walls ... if even a small crack builds in any of the walls ... then not only the wall falls but also the entire house breaks and falls
# 91
Sainik hona ek desh ka sipahi hona hi nahi hai ... sainik hona ek shahadat hai, ek qurbani hai, balidaan hai ... aur sainik ke ghar waale sainik se bhi badhe shaheed hote hai
Being a soldier is not just being a warrior for the country ... being a soldier is a martyrdom, a sacrifice, an immolation ... and the family members of a soldier are biggers martyrs than the soldier
# 92
Aaj se tum hamare dost ho, saathi ho, bhai ho
From today you are our friend, our partner, our brother
# 93
Inke liye ek pariwar hi Hindustan hai ... aur mere liye Hindustan hi mera pariwar hai
For them, one family is India ... and for me, India is my family
# 94
Sanskaron ka baandh bahut mazboot hota hai ... yeh milta hai pyar se, pariwar se aur desh se
The bonds of rituals are very strong ... you get them from love, from family and from the country
# 95
Gareeb ka gareeb se toh woh rishta hota hai ... joh bhai ka bhai se nahi hota ... bete ka baap se nahi hota
A poor man is related to another poor man in a way like ... not even what a brother is to a brother ... and not even what a father is to a son
# 96
Jinke saath main yeh sab karta tha na woh sab party pack the ... yeh family pack hai
What I used to do was all with party type people ... this one is family type
# 97
Nadaani mein tumne joh kadam uthaya hai ... woh sirf tumhe hi nahi, poore khandan ko ek aaise modh par le aaya hai ... jahan se har raasta barbadi aur zillat ki taraf jaata hai
The step that you have taken in ignorance ... that has brought not just you, but the whole family to such a turn ... from where every road goes towards destruction and humiliation
# 98
Sari khudai ek taraf, joru ki bhai ek taraf
The whole world can be on one side, but I'll be on my brother-in-law's side
# 99
Logon ni seva ... aane ghar waalon ne kela
You served the people ... and ignored the family members
# 100
Asli daulat gadiyaan, bungley, bank balance, kutte, billiyaan nahi hote ... asli daulat woh hamare apne hote hai
Real wealth is not cars, mansions, bank balance, dogs, cats ... real wealth is our own people
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