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Family Dialogues

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# 101
Nadaani mein tumne joh kadam uthaya hai ... woh sirf tumhe hi nahi, poore khandan ko ek aaise modh par le aaya hai ... jahan se har raasta barbadi aur zillat ki taraf jaata hai
The step that you have taken in ignorance ... that has brought not just you, but the whole family to such a turn ... from where every road goes towards destruction and humiliation
# 102
Bade ghar ka damaad banna, jaise topi ko sar se utaar ke pairo mein pehenna
Becoming a son-in-law of a rich family, is like removing the hat from the head and wearing it on the legs
# 103
Kaale bazaar ke andhere mein kisi ki shakal nazar nahi aati ... na kanoon ki, na sachchai ki, na rishteydaro ki aur na aulad ki
In the darkness of an illegal business you cannot see anyone's face ... not of the law, not of the truth, not of relatives and neither of your child
# 104
Sharif ghar ki ladkiyan ... apne maa baap ki izaazat ke bagair khwab tak nahin dekhti
Girls from a good family ... don't even dream without the consent of their parents
# 105
Siyasat ki duniya mein maa, baap, bhai, behen, beti, damad koi kuch nahi hota ... kyun ki aadmi jab upar uthna chahta hai, tab yeh sab rishtey aur jazbaat bojh bankar usse neeche ghaseet lete hai
In the world of politics there is no mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son-in-law ... because when a man wants to rise, then all these relations and emotions burden him and pull him down
# 106
Hukumaten khandano se nahi usoolon se chalti hai
Regimes are run by principles and not families
# 107
Tumne ek hi raat mein ek awara ladki ki tarah ... apne khandan ki izzat, gairat, sharm aur sharafat ko havas ki chakki mein pees dala
Just like a cheap girl in one night itself ... you have squashed the respect, honour, shame and honesty of your family in the mill of lust
# 108
Kya pyar hai, kya dulaar hai ... kitna sukhi pariwar hai, mera toh dil nisaar hai
Oh what love, oh what caress ... such a happy family, my heart is sacrificed for it
# 109
Bahu ko beti manna agar pagalpan hai, toh main pagal hoon ... uske aasoon pochna agar pagalpan hai, toh main pagal hoon ... uski andheri zindagi mein khushiyon ki roshni bharna agar pagalpan hai, toh haan main pagal hoon
If considering a daughter-in-law as a daughter is madness, then I am mad ... if wiping her tears is madness then, I am mad ... if pouring the light of happiness in her dark life is madness, then yes I am mad
# 110
Yeh khoon ke rishtey hai ... insaan na inhe banata hai, na hi todh sakta hai
These are blood relations ... a person neither makes them, nor can he break them
# 111
Agar good news nahi suna ... toh tera family bad news sunega
If I don't hear the good news ... then your family will hear the bad news
# 112
Tum is khandan ki bahu kabhi nahi ban sakti
You can never become a daughter-in-law of this family
# 113
Tumhare ghar mein maa behen nahin hai kya?
Don't you have a mother or sister in your house?
# 114
Ghar mein do-do jawaan betiyaan hain
There are two young girls in the house
# 115
Joint family ke taano mein badi power hoti hai
There's a lot of power in the taunts of a joint family
# 116
Parivar hi insaan ka gadh hai, qila hai ... joh kabhi tootna nahi chahiye
Family is the foundation and the fort of a person ... which should never break
# 117
Kis lallu se meri behen ne pallu bandha ... ek number ke ullu se ghar waalon ne rishta maanga
Which crazy person did my sister marry ... my family members asked a high quality fool for his hand
# 118
Yeh komal kali, naazon ki pali, misri ki gali ... hamare hi kul mein lagegi bhali
A delicate girl like her raised with affection, and who is a crystallized sugar lump ... will only look good in my family
# 119
Aap iske khandan ke baare mein nahi jaante ... iska par-dada 009, iska dada 008, iska baap 007 aur yeh zero zero chakka (006) hai
You don't know about his family ... his great grandfather was 009, his grandfather was 008, his father was 007 and he is 006 (eunuch)
# 120
Kitne badnaseeb hote hai woh log ... jinke apne bhi paraye ho jaate hai
Unlucky are those people ... whose near ones become strangers
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