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Nazir Hussain

# 1
Aaj ki duniya mein machine ne tarakki nahi ki hai, aadmi ne tarakki ki hai ... aaj tak aadmi machine banate aaye hai ... machine ne kabhi kisi aadmi ko nahi banaya hai
In today's age machines have not advanced, humans have advanced ... till today humans have made machines ... a machine has never made a human
# 2
Jeevan mein mahan wohi hota hai ... joh doosron ki muskaan ke liye apne aasoon pee le
A person is defined great in life ... if he drinks his own tears for the smile of others
# 3
Jab ghar ki jawaan bahu bahar rang raliyan manati phire ... toh budhe sasur ko neend kaise aa sakti hai
When the young daughter-in-law of the house is having fun outside ... then how can the old father-in-law sleep
# 4
Roman kanoon faulad ki tarah sakht aur waqt ki tarah atal hai
The Roman law is strong as steel and resolute as time
# 5
Hamari adalat ka hukum maana nahi ... manvaya jaata hai
The decision of my court is not obeyed ... it's forced to be obeyed
# 6
Hamare mulk mein ladke umar se pehle hi jawaan ho jaate hai ... aur ladkiyan pehda hone se pehle
In our country boys become young before their age ... and girls before they are born
# 7
Radio bhi badal badalkar record bajata hai ... lekin tum wahi ek record bajaogi
Even the radio keeps on changing the songs it plays ... but you'll play only that one song
# 8
Is sansar mein joh dikhta hai, woh nahi hai ... aur joh nahi dikhta hai, samajho avasha hai
What you see in this world, that doesn't exists ... and what you can't see, understand that it definitely exists
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