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Fardeen Khan

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# 1
Dosti mein ek doosre ka fayda dekha jaata hai ... fayda uthaya nahi jaata
In friendship you see the benefit of each other ... you don't take benefit of each other
# 2
Mohabbat mein hum jeeye hai jeeyenge ... woh honge koi aur marr jaane waale
I have lived and will live in love ... they must be others who have died in love
# 3
Bura waqt aur purane paap ... insaan ko hamesha dhoond hi lete hai
Bad times and old sins ... always find a person back
# 4
Har insaan achcha hota hai ... waqt usse bura banata hai
Every person is good ... time is what makes him bad
# 5
Maane ki kasai se dosti karne se murgi nahi bachti ... par kasai apna dost ho toh kam se kam pyar se murgi toh katti hai
I agree that a chicken cannot be saved by befriending a butcher ... but if the butcher is our friend then atleast the chicken is slaughtered with ease
# 6
Main maarta jaonga ... tu harta jayega
I will keep on hitting ... and you will keep on losing
# 7
Joh nazar aata hai ... woh hamesha sach nahi hota
What you see ... is not always the truth
# 8
Kai baar logon ke liye yeh faisla karna mushkil ho jaata hai ... ki hamara dil bada hai yah hamara bungla
A lot of times people find it difficult to decide ... whether my heart is big or my bungalow
# 9
Aadmi agar achche mann aur lagan se kaam kare ... toh nothing is impossible
If a man works with a clean heart and devotion ... then nothing is impossible
# 10
Aapka dimaag cassette ki tarah dono taraf chalta hai ... A side bhi, B side bhi
Your mind works from both sides like a cassette ... from A side, and from B side
# 11
Ghar se door raho toh ehsaas hota hai ... maa kya hoti hai, ghar waale kya hote hai
When you stay away from the house then you will realize ... what a mom is and what family members are
# 12
Mutra mukti karke aaon?
Can I pee and come?
# 13
Tu jab bhi aaise hasa hai ... hum mein se koi na koi phasa hai
Whenever you have laughed like this ... someone amongst us has been in trouble
# 14
Agar meri jagah koi Laxman Prasad bhi hota ... toh is Rekha ke saath laxman rekha paar kar deta
Even if it was Laxman Prasad instead of me ... he would have crossed the limits with this Rekha
# 15
Aurat ke pyar ko kabhi seene mein itni jagah mat do ... ke dil ke liye dhadakna mushkil ho jaye
Don't give the love for a woman so much space in your heart ... that it becomes hard for the heart to breath
# 16
Kahani ke anth mein sab thik ho jaata hai ... aur thik na ho toh samjho kahani khatam nahi hui
At the end of the story everything becomes fine ... and if it is not fine then the story is not over yet
# 17
Kabhi kabhi koi baat hum mein galat lagti hai ... aur kuch samay baad wohi hum mein sahi lagti hai
Sometimes what we feel is wrong ... after sometime it feels right to us
# 18
Maa ke haath sirf aashirwad dene ke liye hote hai ... maafi mangne ke liye nahi
The hands of a mother are only there to give blessings ... and not to apologize
# 19
Hello Mrs. Agarkar ... we all know you love purana cricketer Gavaskar ... but we are very very sorry to tell you there is no one greater than apna Sachin Tendulkar
Hello Mrs. Agarkar ... we all know you love the old cricketer Gavaskar ... but we are very very sorry to tell you that there is no one greater than our Sachin Tendulkar
# 20
Gaye the dubane Titanic par na duba sake ek bhi naiyya ... misaal hi maarte reh gaye hamare Lucky bhaiya
He went to drown the Titanic but he couldn't even drown a boat ... our brother Lucky was just left giving examples
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