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Release Year - 2015
# 1
Love aur sex ke beech mein na confuse nahi karna chahiye ... it's a physical need
You should not get confused between love and sex ... it's a physical need
# 2
Second best pe line maaro yaar ... patne ke chances zyada hote hai
Try to hit on the 2nd best (girl) ... there are better chances of her falling for you
# 3
Chota Chetan dekhne aaya tha ya Chota Chetan bada karne aaya tha
Did you come to watch Chote Chetan (movie) or to get horny
# 4
Yeh ajeeb sa khela hai ... haan aur na ka mela hai ... shakkar ka daana kabhi karela hai ... kabhi Savita, kabhi Sunita, kabhi Bela hai
This is a strange game ... it's an exhibition of yes and no ... sometimes a granule of sugar is like bitter gourd ... sometimes there is Savita, sometimes there is Sunita, sometimes there is Bela
# 5
Dil pe jiska til hota hai na ... woh bahut open minded hote hai
Those who have a mole on their heart ... are very open minded
# 6
Mere type ke logon ko vaasu kehte hai
People of my type are called a despo
# 7
Smell the needs of a woman ... vaas lene ka
Smell the needs of a woman ... understand her desperation
# 8
Jinke saath main yeh sab karta tha na woh sab party pack the ... yeh family pack hai
What I used to do was all with party type people ... this one is family type
# 9
Tere is chehre pe main sanam marta hoon ... toot na jaye dil, main sanam darta hoon
I can die for your face my beloved ... and I'm scared that my heart doesn't break
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