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Gulshan Devaiah

# 1
Kisi ki zindagi tabah karni ho ... toh unhe zinda rakhna zaroori hai
When you need to destroy someones life ... then it is important to keep them alive
# 2
I fuck the people who fuck with me!
I fuck the people who fuck with me!
# 3
Kabaadi brand yeh Rajadi, kaminey kache khiladi ... actually andhar se anaadi, udhayen daari aur pehen le saree
Rajadi people are cheap, they are weak players ... from inside they are dumb, so ask them to shave and wear a saree
# 4
Insaan kayi baar shaadi kar sakta hai lekin sacha pyar sirf ek baar hota hai ... aur bade lucky hote hai woh log jinhe junooniyat ka pyar milta hai
A person can get married multiple times but true love only happens once ... and those who attain passionate love are very lucky people
# 5
Love aur sex ke beech mein na confuse nahi karna chahiye ... it's a physical need
You should not get confused between love and sex ... it's a physical need
# 6
Dost do kisam ke hote hai ... ek woh jinhe raat ke do bajhe bhi phone kiya ja sakta hai ... and you know ki they will be there for you ... aur doosre woh jinhe raat ke do bajhe hi phone kiya jaata hai
There are two types of friends ... one whom we can call at 2am in the night ... and you know that they will be there for you ... and second whom we call only at 2am in the night
# 7
Tere paas bungla hai, gaadi hai, bank balance hai, sab kuch hai ... lekin mere paas maal hai
You have a bungalow, you have a car, you have bank balance, you have everything ... but I have the goods
# 8
Pyar ko wahan nahi dhoondte jahan woh hota nahi hai ... aur jahan woh hota hai wahan chupaya bhi nahi ja sakta
You don't search for love where it doesn't exist ... and where it exists over there it can't be hidden either
# 9
Duniya mein sabse zyada illegal cheez kya hai malum tereko? ... tere jaisa middle class hona
Do you know what is the most illegal thing in the world? ... to be a middle class like you
# 10
Kya socha tu ... MC ya BC ... middle class ya business class ... in ya out?
What did you think ... MC or BC ... middle class or business class ... in or out?
# 11
Drugs ka paisa khoon ki tarah hota hai ... saare system mein daudta hai
The money from drugs is like blood ... it runs in the entire system
# 12
Mere type ke logon ko vaasu kehte hai
People of my type are called a despo
# 13
Dil joh karta hai woh kyun karta hai ... yeh toh bas dil hi jaanta hai
Why does a heart do whatever it does ... only the heart knows that
# 14
Dil pe jiska til hota hai na ... woh bahut open minded hote hai
Those who have a mole on their heart ... are very open minded
# 15
Smell the needs of a woman ... vaas lene ka
Smell the needs of a woman ... understand her desperation
# 16
Jinke saath main yeh sab karta tha na woh sab party pack the ... yeh family pack hai
What I used to do was all with party type people ... this one is family type
# 17
Nazar gul toh goti gul
If you look away then you'll lose your b*lls
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