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Ishk Ishk Ishk

Release Year - 1974
# 1
Intezari ka waqt aur dil se bahut taluk hota hai ... jab humne intezar kiya toh unka dil nahi tha ... aur jab unhone intezar kiya toh hamara dil nahi tha
There is a big connection between waiting time and the heart ... when I was waiting then her heart was not there ... and when she was waiting then my heart was not there
# 2
Ghar ek qila ki tarah hota hai ... aur us mein basne waale log maa, baap, bhai, behen, bachche uski deewar ... kisi bhi deewar mein zara si bhi daraar padh jaye ... toh deewar hi nahi gir jaati balki ghar hi toot girta hai
A home is like a fort ... and the people who live it like mother, father, brother, sister, children are its walls ... if even a small crack builds in any of the walls ... then not only the wall falls but also the entire house breaks and falls
# 3
Agar ichcha mein bal ho toh woh azaad hoti hai ... aur shakti bhi azaadi se aati hai, bandish se nahi
If your desires are strong then they are free ... and even strength comes from freedom and not from restriction
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