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Paresh Rawal

# 1
Waqt pe shaadi na karo ... toh aadmi bahek hi jaata hai
If you don't get married in time ... then a man gets wandered
# 2
Yeh haath hai ki hathoda ... keedon ki basti mein kaunsa aa gaya makauda
This is a hand or a hammer ... who is this spider in the colony of bugs
# 3
Sab cheez time to time honi chahiye
Everything must happen time to time
# 4
Duniya waalo mujhe na dikhao aaina ... nahi toh main bolonga "Made In China"
People of this world don't show me a mirror ... or else I will say "Made In China"
# 5
Purane khandar ki giri hui deewar pe tangi hui badsurat tasveer ke peeche chupi hui gadni chipkali ki phad-phadati pooch pe lehrati hui cheenti
You are an ant roaming on the trembling tail of a dirty lizard who is hiding behind an ugly picture hanging on a broken wall of an old ruin
# 6
Yeh Baburao ka style hai
This is Baburao's style
# 7
Confidence khel mein jaan zaroor dalta hai ... lekin overconfidence jaan le leta hai
Confidence definitely puts life into a game ... but overconfidence kills
# 8
Kerala ke karele se Bareilly ki barfi banta ja raha hai tu
You are turning from a bitter gourd from Kerala into a dessert from Bareilly
# 9
Ramchandra keh gaye Natwar se aaisa kalyug aayega ... dance bar mein raas rachega, casino mein lut jayega
Lord Ram said to Natwar that such an age of vice will come ... where you'll dance in the dance bar, and you'll lose in the casino
# 10
Khushiyan kisi ki mohtaj nahin hoti, dosti yunhi ittefaq se nahin hoti ... kuch toh maine honge is pal ke, warna yunhi aapse mulaqat nahin hoti
Happiness does not depend on anything, friendship does not happen by chance ... there might some reasons to this moment, otherwise we wouldn't have met just like that
# 11
Saala, rakh diya toh bhi baat karta hai
Bloody I put him down, but he is still talking
# 12
Maut se zyada khoobsurat entertainment koi nahin
There is no other entertainment more beautiful than death
# 13
Woh main mast tel mein fry karke, woh main kha gaya
That, I nicely deep fried it in oil and ate it
# 14
Baahar aag hai aur andar jwalamukhi hai ... jaaye toh kidhar jaaye?
Outside there is a fire and inside there is a volcano ... where should we go?
# 15
Kutriya saala, dekh ke number dial kar!
Bloody dog, look at the number when when you dial!
# 16
Arre baba wrong number hai toh uthati kaiko hai re?
If its a wrong number then why do you pick it up?
# 17
Jahan dharm hai na, wahan satya ke liye jagah nahi hai ... aur jahan satya hai truth hai, wahan dharm ki zaroorat hi nahi hai
Where there is religion, there is no space for truth ... and where there is truth, there is no need for religion over there
# 18
Kheeche huye kaan se mila hua gyan ... hamesha yaad rehta hai
The lesson that you learn when your ears are pulled ... is remembered forever
# 19
Devi ka prasad mandir mein milta hai ... garage mein nahin
You'll get God's sacrament in the temple ... not in a garage
# 20
Utha le re baba, utha le ... mereko nahi re, in dono ko utha le
Lift it up God, lift it up ... not me, lift these two up
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