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Diljit Dosanjh

# 1
Mohabbat kis chiddiya ka naam hai, humein bhi batana ... bhor saver woh kabhi gungunaye, toh humein bhi sunana ... dikh jaye toh dikhana ... kisi roz kabhi aangan aaye, behla phuslake rok toh lenge ... mishri ki daaliyan apne haathon se uski chonch mein denge ... sikha denge usse hamara naam daurana ... seekh lenge bina parwah kiye udh jaana ... suna hai kaante pe dil khop gulaabon mein rakht bhar deta hai ... jaan dekar dil mein ghar kar leta hai ... neend chura churake, chain jodh jodhke, ek gharaunda banata hai, aahon ke jhule jhulata hai ... phir jab do din sau saal se guzarte hai hum patjhad se bhikarte hai ... woh pinjre mein band chhod, rooh ko todh marodh kisi aur chajje pe ek naya geet gaata hai ... dana tum daalo woh kisi aur ko phasata hai
Which bird is like love, tell me that ... early morning when he sings, then let me know ... if you see him, then let me know ... someday when he comes to my courtyard, I'll coax and stop him ... I'll put the sugar cubes in his mouth using my own hands ... I'll teach him how to repeat my name ... and I'll learn from him how to fly away being carefree ... I've heard that he pricks his heart with thorns and fills the flowers with his blood ... he sacrifices his life to make some room in our heart ... he steals our sleep, he builds peace and makes a house where he swings with sighs ... later when a couple days pass like a hundred years, then we disperse like the autumn season ... he breaks the cage, he twists and turns his soul, and then sings some new song on a new terrace ... you give him the food and he falls for someone else
# 2
Pehle banda ban jaa ... phir banna VIP
First become a human being ... then try to become a VIP
# 3
Saare gabru toh sooiyan lagake tight hai madam ... ab ladies ko kuch karna padega na
All the guys are intoxicated by taking the injection of drugs ... hence now the ladies will have to do something
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