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Release Year - 2023
# 1
Jab baat family pe aaye ... toh discussion nahi karte ... action karte hai
When it comes to the family ... then you don't have a discussion ... you directly get to action
# 2
Tune khilone maange, tujhe khilone ki dukaan mili ... tune chutte maange, tujhe credit card mila ... tune dhood maanga, tujhe kheer mili woh bhi almond milk wali ... bhai isse kehte hai nepotism
You asked for toys, and you got the entire toy shop ... you asked for little cash, and you got a credit card ... you asked for milk, and you got sweet rice pudding and that to made from almond milk ... this is what we call as nepotism
# 3
Zindagi ki sabse mushkil ladaiyan dushmano se nahi ... apno se ladi jaati hai
The most difficult battles of life are not fought with our enemies ... they're fought with our dear ones
# 4
Sach bolunga toh sirf ussi waqt darunga ... lekin agar jhooth bolunga toh jab tak pakda nahi jaata tab tak darta rahunga
If I say the truth then I'll be scared only at that moment ... but if I lie, then I'll be scared until the time that lie gets caught
# 5
Yeh swarg hai ... yahan tak pahuchne ke liye tujhe bahut punya karne padenge ya marna padega
This is heaven ... to get till here either you'll have to do a lot of good deeds or you'll have to die
# 6
Doctor aur driver ko kabhi naraz nahi karna chahiye ... injection aur steering wheel agar galat ghuma diya na ... toh game over
You should never upset your doctor and your driver ... because if they slightly change the direction of the injection or steering wheel ... then it'll be game over
# 7
Sirf pachtane se galati maaf nahi hoti ... maafi maange se hoti hai
Just repenting isn't going to get you forgiveness for your mistake ... you'll get forgiveness by asking for it
# 8
Bacha toh pyar ki tarah hota hai ... karna nahi chahiye, ho jana chahiye ... toh itna zor se pyar karo ki bacha khud-ba-khud ho jaye
A baby is just like love ... you don't have to make it, it should just happen ... so make so much love that a baby should be born automatically
# 9
Offer acha ho yah bura ... jab koi na bolta hai toh uska matlab na hi hota hai ... aur jab ek ladki no bolti hai toh uska matlab definitely no hota hai
It doesn't matter if the offer is good or bad ... when someone says no then it means no ... and when a girl says no then it means definitely no
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