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Family Dialogues

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# 61
Apno ko milne ke liye time nikalna padta hai
One has to find time to meet near ones
# 62
Jiske na aage koi ho, na peeche ... woh sari zindagi sirf ek hi cheez dhoondta hai ... family
The one who does not have anyone either before or after him ... that person searches for only one thing all his life ... that is family
# 63
Zehar toh sirf uske khane waale ko maarta hai ... lekin drugs khane waale ke saath saath uske pariwar ko bhi jeete jee maarti hai
Poison only kills the person who eats it ... but drugs along with the person who consumes it also kills their families
# 64
Kagaz ke tukdon se parivar nahi khade hote hai ... dil ke rishton se hote hai
Families don't stand together with pieces of paper ... they stand together with the relations of the heart
# 65
Apna hone se koi apna nahi hota ... apno ko apnaane se ... apna, apna hota hai
Just being a part of the family doesn't make you a dear one ... a member becomes a dear one ... when you accept him
# 66
Musalman ke yahan parvarish, Hinduon se dosti aur angrezon ke shaunk rahe hai mere
I have been raised in a Muslim family, I have Hindu friends and I have hobbies of the Englishmen
# 67
Ladki khandan ki ek band mutthi hai ... jab tak yeh mutthi band hai sharafat, sharafat hai ... jis din yeh mutthi khul gayi ... ek shareef ladki aur ek bazaari aurat mein koi farak nahi
A woman is like a closed fist of a family ... as long as the fist is closed till then decency is decency ... the day the fist opens up ... that day there will be no difference between a decent girl and a prostitute
# 68
Dukh mehmaan toh ban sakta hai lekin usse family member nahi banana chahiye ... you should always throw it away
You can make sadness as your guest but don't make it a family member ... you should always throw it away
# 69
Aashirwad toh main usse aaisa doonga ... ki mera aashirwad uske liye hi nahi ... balki uske khandan ke liye abhishap banke reh jayega
I will give him such a blessing ... that my blessing will not only become a curse for him ... but also for his entire family
# 70
Apne raaste se kaanto ko hata dena aur dushmano ko mita dena ... hamare khandan ki parampara hai
Eliminating the thorns of our path and erasing our enemies ... are the traditions of our family
# 71
Desh logon se banta hai aur logon ki pehchan unke pariwar se hoti hai
A country is formed by its people and the identity of people comes from their family
# 72
Nasha gala banda karta hai ... par aundha effect poori family te hota hai
An individual is the one who takes drugs ... but it's effect is felt by his entire family
# 73
Behen ke ghar bhai kutta ... aur sasur ke ghar jamai kutta
A brother is a dog in his sister's house ... and a son-in-law is a dog in his father-in-laws house
# 74
Jiske paas family support hai ... usse koi deport nahi kar sakta
One who has family support ... can't be deported
# 75
Tum ek achche khandan ki bigdi hui nasamajh aulad ho
You are a silly and aimless child belonging to a good family
# 76
Ghar se door raho toh ehsaas hota hai ... maa kya hoti hai, ghar waale kya hote hai
When you stay away from the house then you will realize ... what a mom is and what family members are
# 77
Jeete raho ... phulo phalo ... khair chodo
Live long ... grow your family ... well let it be
# 78
Khandaan, maan maryada, shaan-o-shaukat, rutba aur vakaar ... sadiyo ki mehnat aur mushakat ke pasine aur zindagi ki kash-ma-kash ke baad banta hai
Family, reputation, glamour, status and prestige ... is built with years of hard work, sweat of tiredness and stress of life
# 79
Ghar mein devi jaisi bahu hai, toh phir tirth yatra ki kya zaroorat?
When there is a Goddess like daughter-in-law in the house, then whats the need for pilgrimage?
# 80
Aankh ke badle aankh, haath ke badle haath, jaan ke badle jaan ... aur bhai ke badle behen
Eye against eye, hand against hand, life against life ... and sister against brother
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