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Family Dialogues

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# 21
Na main Dilli waala, na main CBI waala ... ek behen ka bhai, ek maa ka beta ... himmatwala!
Neither am I from Delhi, neither am a CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) person ... I am a brother of a sister, I am a son of a mother ... I am courageous!
# 22
Pardes mein agar apne saath ho na ... toh desh ban jaata hai ... varna desh bhi pardes lagta hai
If our dear ones are with us in a foreign country ... then it becomes like our homeland ... otherwise even our homeland feels like a foreign country
# 23
Namkeen nani, naughty nana hai ... maike kab tak rahoongi, Ram ke ghar jana hai
Grandma is savoury and grandpa is naughty ... how long will I stay at my parents place, I have to go to Ram's house
# 24
Fail hona aur padhai na karna ... hamare khandaan ki parampara hai
To fail and to not study ... is the tradition of our family
# 25
Dhande mein koi kisika bhai nahi, koi kisika beta nahi
In business no one is a brother, no one is a son
# 26
Yeh kaam bhi kitni chalu cheez hai na ... jab kaam ko time chahiye hota hai toh family adjust karti hai na ... aur jab family ko time chahiye toh kaam ko toh adjust karna padega
Work is very smart ... when you need time for work then your family adjusts ... and when you need time for your family then work has to adjust as well
# 27
Tumhara pariwar hai ya mobile network ... jahan jaate hai wahan pahunch jaata hai
Your family is like the mobile network ... wherever we go, it's always there
# 28
Arre kaka main toh kaka ban gaya
Oh uncle, I have become an uncle
# 29
Uncle aunty ki shaadi ... sunne mein kitna odd lagta hai
Uncle aunty's wedding ... it sounds so odd
# 30
Pyar dhan, daulat, khandan nahi ... sirf dil dekhta hai
Love doesn't see money, wealth, family ... it only looks at the heart
# 31
The family that prays together, eats together ... stays together
The family that prays together, eats together ... stays together
# 32
Tere khandaan mein maarne ka rivaj hai kya?
Does your family have a ritual to hit?
# 33
Teri hi mitti par tere khandaan ke saath tujhe mitti mein milaonga
I will bring you and your family down to dust on your ground
# 34
Apno ki keemat sapno se zyada hoti hai
The value of family is greater than dreams
# 35
Marne se pehle main chahta hoon ke mere pariwar ke saath ek family photo ho ... jiske neeche title hoga "Kapoor and Sons", since 1921
Before dying I wish to have a family photo with my family ... on the bottom of which it will be written "Kapoor and Sons", since 1921
# 36
Bhabhijaan, aap hum mein apnaye na apnaye ... hum aapko mooh dikhayi mein mile hai
Sister-in-law whether you treat me as your own or not ... I have come to you as a wedding gift
# 37
Baap mera, bhai mera, maa meri .... badla bhi mera hoga
My dad, my brother, my mother ... even the revenge must be mine
# 38
Har saas yeh bhool jaati hai ki woh bhi kabhi bahu thi ... aur har bahu yeh bhool jaati hai ki usse bhi ek din kisi ki saas banna hai
Every mother-in-law forgets that even she was a daughter-in-law at some time ... and every daughter-in-law forgets that one day even she has to become a mother-in-law of someone
# 39
Jab tak ek bhai bol raha hai, ek bhai sun raha hai ... jab ek mujrim bolega, ek police officer sunega
Until a brother is talking, a brother will listen ... when a criminal will talk, a cop will listen
# 40
Neeche tumhari aunty bahut se uncles ko lekar aayi hai
Downstairs your aunt has bought a lot of uncles
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