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PM Narendra Modi

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Joh decision ek minute mein nahi hota ... woh decision hi nahi hota
A decision that is not taken in a minute ... that decision is not even a decision to begin with
# 2
Hindustan aatank se nahi ... aatank Hindustan se darega
India won't fear terrorism ... terrorism will fear India
# 3
Jeetne ka maza tab aata hai jab sab aapke haarne ki umeed karte hai
The real joy of winning comes only when everyone is expecting you to lose
# 4
Tumne hamara balidaan dekha hai ... ab badla bhi dekhoge
You've seen our sacrifice ... now you'll also see our revenge
# 5
Inke liye ek pariwar hi Hindustan hai ... aur mere liye Hindustan hi mera pariwar hai
For them, one family is India ... and for me, India is my family
# 6
Modi ek insaan nahi ... ek soch hai
Narendra Modi is not a person ... he's a thought
# 7
Joh desh ko chahte hai ... woh aur kuch nahi chahte
Those who love their country ... they don't love anything else
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