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Asha Parekh

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# 1
Kavita se mann ko behlaya ja sakta hai ... samjhaya nahi ja sakta
With a poem you can make a heart happy ... but you can't make it understand
# 2
Agar sharaab dukhon ko mitta sakti ... toh har aadmi sharaabi ban jata
If alcohol could erase sadness ... then every person would become an alcoholic
# 3
Shehar mein rehkar, nayi roshni mein palkar ... hamara libaas badal sakta hai ... hamari sabhyata toh nahi
Living in a city and growing up in new sunlight ... can change our attire ... but not our civility
# 4
Aandhi mein udhte hue patte ko kya malum ... usse kahan se kahan bhatakna hoga
The leaf that blows in the storm ... does not know where all it has to wander
# 5
Har ladki apne maikke ki chaya chhodkar sasural mein aati hai ... agar maa baap ki jagah saas sasur lele ... toh sasural mein maikke ki kami nahi hoti
Every girl leaves the shadow of her parents house and comes into her in-laws house ... if the mother-in-law and father-in-law take the place of the mother and father ... then in her in-laws house she doesn't miss her parents house
# 6
Jab koi nadaan ladki pyar ki manzilon se guzar jaati hai ... apni izzat aur abroo kho beheti hai ... toh anjaam zindagi nahi, maut hota hai
When an innocent girl travels across the destinations of love ... she loses her respect and honour ... and then the outcome is death, not life
# 7
Pati ka pyar milne se patni mein sab kuch sehne ki shakti aa jaati hai
A wife gets the strength to tolerate everything when she gets the love of her husband
# 8
Agar duniya mein maut se badi sachai koi nahi ... toh sach maniye aapko dhoka dekar meri zindagi bhi maut se kam nahi
If there isn't anything more true than death in this world ... then believe me by deceiving you, my life is nothing less than death
# 9
Yahi hai zindagi apni, yahi hai bandagi apni ... ki unka naam aaya aur gardan jhuk gayi apni ... na bhut khane ko jaate hai, na kaabe mein bhatakte hai ... jahan tum paon rakhte ho, vahan hum sar patakte hai ... hum ishq ke maaron ka itna hi fasana hai ... rone ko nahi koi, hasne ko zamana hai
This is my life, this is my prayer ... that my head bowed down when his name came up ... neither does he go to the temple of idols, neither does he roam in god's house ... where you keep your feet, I hit my head over there ... that's the story of people in love like me ... there is no one to cry for us, and the world is there to laugh on us
# 10
Andhe paramatma ko pehchante hai ... aur aankhon waale aadhe ko bhi nahi pehchante
The blind people recognize god ... and the people who can see don't even recognize the half of it
# 11
Yeh dharti ek aaisi hatheli hai ... jis par kisaan hal chalakar, insaan ke taqdeer ki lakeerein kheenchta hai
This land is like the palm ... on which farmers plough and make lines on it, creating the destiny of humans
# 12
Daulat dekar insaan khareede jaate hai, imaan khareede jaate hai ... magar kisi ke mann mandir mein base hue bhagwan nahi khareede jaa sakte
With money you can buy people, you can buy integrity ... but you can't buy the god that lives in the heart of someone
# 13
Sudharne mein sadiyan lag gayi ... bighadne mein sirf ek pal
It took ages to change for the better ... but only a moment to degenerate
# 14
Pyar ki mithaas hamesha theek hoti hai ... na kam, na zyada
The sweetness in love is always perfect ... not less, not more
# 15
Main jhoot bolkar bhi pachtai ... aur sach bolkar bhi pachtati rahoongi
I am repenting by lying ... and I will also repent by saying the truth
# 16
Pyar ki seema sirf issi duniya tak nahi ... pyar toh bhavnaon ka ek aaisa phool hai ... joh ek janam se doosre janam aur phir janam janam tak mahekta rehta hai
Love is not just limited to this world ... love is a flower of emotions ... which provides it's fragrance from one life to another and then for eternity
# 17
Maine bhi us dharti par janam liya hai ... jahan auratein apni izzat ki rakhsha ke liye sati ho jaati hai
I am also born on that land ... where women undergo sati in order to protect their honor
# 18
Stree ka bhagya muskurata hai toh tum jaisa pati milta hai
When the destiny of a woman smiles then she gets a husband like you
# 19
Achcha dost aur achchi patni ... kismat waalon ko hi milti hai
A good friend and a good wife ... only lucky people get them
# 20
Har vaishya mein ek aurat bhi hoti hai ... jise na jeene ka mauka milta hai, na marne ka
There is also a woman inside every prostitute ... who doesn't get the opportunity to live, and neither to die
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