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Love In Tokyo

Release Year - 1966
# 1
Fakira khada dukaan par, maange sabki khair ... na kahu usse dosti, na kahu usse bair
A priest is standing outside the shop, and he wishes welfare of all ... neither friendship nor enmity with anyone at all
# 2
Ajeeb waqt mohabbat mein aaye jaate hai ... woh hum mein aur hum un mein samaye jaate hai
Strange times do come in love ... she gets engrossed in me and I get engrossed in her
# 3
Butane mahwaz ujadhi hui manzil mein rehte hai ... ki jiski jaan lete hai, us hi ke dil mein rehte hai
She lives in a ruined building ... but she kills me and then she resides in my heart
# 4
Fakira jama nadi mein, sabki maange khair ... ho gayi dosti Mahesh se, ab na raha khandan ka bair
A priest is standing in a river, and he wishes welfare of all ... we are now friends with Mahesh, hence the family doesn't have an enemy
# 5
Dane dane par likha hai khane waale ka naam ... woh teri hai aur teri hi rahegi subah shyam
On every bite of food is written the name of the person who will eat it ... morning and evening she is yours and she will remain yours
# 6
Daulat dekar insaan khareede jaate hai, imaan khareede jaate hai ... magar kisi ke mann mandir mein base hue bhagwan nahi khareede jaa sakte
With money you can buy people, you can buy integrity ... but you can't buy the god that lives in the heart of someone
# 7
Yeh zindagi ki mehfil, mehfil mein hum akele ... daaman ko koi chume, zulfon se koi khele
This party of life and I'm alone in the party ... let someone kiss your scarf and play with your hair
# 8
Raat bhar anda pakaya, phir bhi woh kacha reh gaya ... mar gaye shayar, lekin ullo-ka-patha reh gaya
I boiled the egg all night but still it was uncooked ... all the poets have died but this fool got left behind
# 9
Ajab hoti hai yeh jhooti mohabbat ... zabardasti main phuslaya gaya hoon ... main apni maa se darkar bhaag aaya ... main khud aaya nahi, laya gaya hoon
False love is strange ... I've been convinced forcefully ... I ran away being scared of my mother ... I've not come myself, but I've been brought here
# 10
Khili thi dhoop-e-harsam aur pani barasta tha ... jab tu paida hua toh teri maa roti thi aur baap hasta tha
There was sunlight everywhere and water was flowing ... when you were born your mother was crying and your father was laughing
# 11
Mohabbat bhare dil ka salaam kubool farmaiye ... meherbani hogi naam bataiye
Please accept greetings from a heart filled with love ... it will be your courtesy if you tell me your name
# 12
Koi mooh chum lega is nahi par ... shikhar reh jayegi yunhi zabi par
I wish to kiss you when you say no ... and your apprehensions will be put to rest
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