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Bas Itna Sa Khwaab Hai

Release Year - 2001
# 1
Mauka jitna chota shabd hai na ... utni hi derr ke liye aata hai
Chance is a small word ... and it stays for the same amount of time
# 2
Aadmi khane se gareeb hota hai, kapdon se gareeb hota hai ... lekin agar vicharon se gareeb ho na ... toh woh uski apni galati hoti hai
A man can be poor by what he eats, what he wears ... but if he is poor by his thoughts ... then that is his own mistake
# 3
Saintalis ke pehle angrez jaan le rahe the ... saintalis ke baad angrezi jaan le rahi hai
Before 1947 the Englishmen were killing us ... and after 1947 English is killing us
# 4
Sanskaron ka baandh bahut mazboot hota hai ... yeh milta hai pyar se, pariwar se aur desh se
The bonds of rituals are very strong ... you get them from love, from family and from the country
# 5
Aasman paane ka khwab dekho ... suraj toh mil hi jayega
Dream to achieve the sky ... you'll at least get the Sun
# 6
Logon ko woh do joh unhe chahiye ... aur unse woh lo joh hum mein chahiye
Give people what they want ... and take from them what we need
# 7
Politics is the most lucrative business
Politics is the most lucrative business
# 8
Main chahta hoon ki is duniya mein sirf ek hi currency ho ... aur uske saare note mere paas ho
I want there to be only one currency in this world ... and that I should have all the notes of that currency
# 9
Yeh hamburger aayega jayega ... magar yeh samosa hamesha rahega
The hamburger will come and go ... but this samosa will stay forever
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