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Arjun Patiala

Release Year - 2019
# 1
Meri zindagi mein ladki ka aana utna hi mushkil hai jitna purani filmon mein court mein sahi salamat gawah ka pahunchna
A girl entering my life is as difficult as a witness reaching safely to the court, just like it happened in the old films
# 2
Jab chote the toh sochte the ki duniya badal denge ... vade huye toh samajh mein aaya ki duniya ko samajh le, yehi kaafi hai
When I was small I used to think that I'll change the world ... but when I grew up then I understood that, it's more than enough to even understand this world
# 3
Jaise maa apne bachon mein farak nahi karti ... aise police wala bhi apne badmasho mein farak nahi karte ... hum sabko ek hi aankh se dekhenge ... maa ki aankh se
Like a mother doesn't differentiate between her children ... just like that even the police doesn't differentiate between their criminals ... we'll look at all of them with one eye ... with the evil eye
# 4
Maa behen ki izzat ki jaati hai ... na ke unke izzat ki maa behen
You should respect your mother and your sister ... you shouldn't destroy their honour
# 5
Padai likhai mann se karo ... lekin khel kood jamke karo
Study from your heart ... but play a lot as well
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