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Time Dialogues

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# 61
Insaan ka jab waqt achcha hota hai tab logon ko uske phatte kapde bhi stylish lagte hai ... jab taste badalta hai tab wohi log uske kapde phadne lagte hai
When a person is going through a good time then people think his ripped clothes are stylish ... and when the taste changes then the same people start to tear his clothes
# 62
Waqt ka pata nahi chalta hai apno ke saath ... lekin apno ka pata chal jaata hai waqt ke saath
We don't come to know about time when we are with our dear ones ... but we come to know about our dear ones with time
# 63
Bike nahi hai yeh time machine hai yeh ... so put your hands around me and let me take you back in time
This is a time machine not a bike ... so put your hands around me and let me take you back in time
# 64
Na luck badalta hai na insaan ki taqdeer ... insaan ka waqt badalta hai
Luck doesn't change and neither does the fate of a person ... only his time changes
# 65
Syana woh hota hai joh waqt ke rukh ko dekhkar, jhukna seekhe ... aur rukh badalte dekhkar, dushman ko jhukana seekhe
A smart person is one who learns to bow down with the direction of time ... and seeing the change in direction can teach the enemy to bow down
# 66
Waqt ka matlab hota hai, ab ... pyar karna hai, toh ab ... maafi maangna hai, toh ab ... haath pakadna hai, toh ab
The meaning of time is, now ... if you want to love, then now ... if you want to apologize, then now ... if you want to hold hands, then now
# 67
Sher Khan aaj ka kaam kal par nahi chodta
Sher Khan does not leave today's work for tomorrow
# 68
Tees din hai tumhare paas ... ek-a-tees ve din mein agar tum is shehar ki hadh mein bhi nazar aaye ... toh duniya ki hadh se bahar nikaal kar phenk doonga
You have 30 days ... if on the 31st day you are seen within the city limits ... then I will throw you out from the limits of the world
# 69
India mein time se aane waale ki koi value nahi hoti ... der se aane waale ko star samjha jaata hai
In India there is no value for people who come on time ... and people who come late are considered a star
# 70
Dawai aur shaadi mein badi similarity hoti hai ... dono agar time pe na mile na, bahut mushkil ho jaati hai
There is a big similarity between medicine and marriage ... if you don't get both on time, then a lot of problems come along
# 71
Kuch aur paane ki chaah, kuch aur behtar ki talaash ... is hi chakkar mein insaan apna sab kuch kho behetta hai joh uske paas hota hai ... talaash kabhi khatam nahi hoti ... waqt khatam ho jaata hai
The desire to get a little more, the search for something better ... in these swirls a person loses everything that he has ... and the search never ends ... but the time ends
# 72
Ladki ko patane mein itna time nahi jata hai ... jitna usse hatane mein jata hai
The amount of time it takes to impress a girl ... is less than the time it takes to dump her
# 73
Jab waqt badal jaata hai ... vaar kamzor se kamzor ka chal jaata hai
When the time changes ... then the attack of even the weakest person works
# 74
Jiski mrityu ka samay nahi aata ... usse koi nahi maar sakta
Until the time of death comes ... no one can kill that person
# 75
Joh sacha pyar karte hai woh zindagi bhar ke liye naraaz nahi hote ... kuch derr ke liye rooth jaate hai
Those who are truly in love they are not angry for the entire life ... they just get upset for some time
# 76
Paisa kamane mein time lagta hai ... churane mein nahi
It takes time to earn money ... not to steal it
# 77
Kehne ko toh ek round sirf do minute ka hota hai ... par socha jaave toh do minute mein 120 second hote hai ... us ek second ka intezar kar jab samne wala galati kare
To say, there are only two minutes in a single round ... but if you come to think of it, there are 120 seconds in two minutes ... wait for that one second when your opponent makes a mistake
# 78
Galat waqt par, galat wajah se, galat jagah pe tune haath uthaya
You have raised your hand at the wrong time, for the wrong reason and at the wrong place
# 79
Shauk do tarah ke hove hai ... ek toh woh joh samay ke saath khatam ho jave hai ... aur duja woh joh samay ke saath maqsad ban jave hai
There are two types of hobbies ... one which ends over a period of time ... and second that turns into your mission over a period of time
# 80
Is zameen aur is aasman se pare ... jahan na waqt ho na tumhare mere sivah koi aur ... sirf ek feeling ho, ek jazba ho ... ki tum mujh mein ho aur main tum mein
Far from this earth and sky ... where there is no time and no one else other than you and me ... there is just one feeling, one passion ... that you are within me and I am within you
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