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Time Dialogues

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# 81
Har moment, ek moment tumhare samne se guzarta ja raha hai ... aur karna sirf itna hai ki har us guzarte moment ko khush banana hai
Every moment, a moment passes right by you ... and all we have to do is, we have to make that passing moment a happy one
# 82
Joh guzar gaya woh haath mein nahi ... aane wala kal, joh kisse pata kya layega ... paas hamare sirf aaj hai, sirf ab hai ... us hi pe control hai ... bas yeh pal haath mein hai
What has past is not in our hands ... the tomorrow, who knows what it'll bring ... we only have today, this moment with us ... we only have control over that ... we only have this moment in our hands
# 83
Waqt hi sab kuch hai ... waqt hi banata hai ... aur waqt hi bighadta hai
Time is everything ... time makes us ... and time destroys us
# 84
Apna time aayega
My time will come one day
# 85
Hamare yahan ghadi ki sui character decide karti hai
Over here the hand of a clock determines the character
# 86
Yeh zindagi ek jung ka maidan hai ... yahan sar uthakar jeene ke liye insaan ko har kadam par ladna padta hai ... kabhi waqt ke saath, kabhi halaat ke saath aur kabhi maut ke saath
Life is a battlefield ... here you have to fight at every step to live with your head held high ... sometimes with time, sometimes with situations and sometimes with death
# 87
Time ka na bada game hai ... iske saath kabhi nahi khelneka
Time is a big game player ... you should never play with it
# 88
Waqt ki fitrat khol de kismat ... khud pe bharosa hai toh aazmaa le apna luck
It is the habit of time to open up destiny ... and if you trust yourself, then try your luck
# 89
Shaadi shuda aadmi hamesha office ke liye late kyun ho rahe hote hai ... kyun ki joh time pe uthte hai woh baat karne mein late ho jaate hai ... aur joh samajhdar hai woh uthte hi late hai ... ki saala utho, tayaar ho aur bhaago
Why do married men are always running late for office ... because those who get up on time become late by talking ... and those who are smart get up late itself ... so that you get up, get ready and run
# 90
Yeh sab ek sapna hai jis mein tum ho, main hoon aur koi nahi ... yeh woh waqt hai jispe sirf tumhara haq hai, mera bhi nahi
All this is a dream in which you're there, I'm there and no one else ... this is the time on which only you have the right, not even me
# 91
Har insaan ka apna safar hota hai ... thodi der ke liye kisi aur ke saath judh jaane se ... uska safar apna nahi ho jaata hai
Every person has his own journey ... if we spend some time with someone else ... then their journey doesn't become ours
# 92
Pyar har waqt saath rehta hai ... kyun ki pyar waqt se nahin, usse kiya jaata hai jiske saath waqt guzaarte hain
Love is with you every time ... because you don't love time, you love the person with whom you spend the time
# 93
Pyar waqt nahi hai ... joh agar guzar jaye toh vapas nahi aata
Love is not time ... that once it passes, it doesn't come back
# 94
Waqt aur kismat badalne mein derr nahi lagti
It doesn't take long for time and fate to change
# 95
Burre waqt ki ek baat achchi hoti hai ... ki woh bhi guzar jaata hai
Bad times have one great thing ... that they also pass away
# 96
Zindagi badi choti hai ... bade bade faisle lene ke liye zyada time nahi lena chahiye
Life is very short ... you should not take a long time for making big decisions
# 97
Ek hi waqt har insaan ke liye alag hota hai ... kisi ke liye achcha hota hai, toh kisi ke liye burra hota hai
A moment in time is different for everyone ... it is good for someone, and it is bad for someone
# 98
Pyar ka teer waqt ka mohtaj nahi hota
The arrow of love is not dependent of time
# 99
Bura waqt koi jagah nahi hoti jahan se aap bachke nikal sakte hai ... bura waqt aapke saath saath chalta hai ... aur jitna hi aap usse bhaagne ki koshish karte hai ... utna hi woh aapki taraf badhta hua nazar aata hai
Bad time is not a place from where you can run away ... bad time moves with you ... and the more you try to run away from it ... that much more it appears to come closer to you
# 100
Intezari ka waqt aur dil se bahut taluk hota hai ... jab humne intezar kiya toh unka dil nahi tha ... aur jab unhone intezar kiya toh hamara dil nahi tha
There is a big connection between waiting time and the heart ... when I was waiting then her heart was not there ... and when she was waiting then my heart was not there
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