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Saurabh Shukla

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# 1
Jaise har double cross dokha hota hai ... jaise har boundary chauka hota hai ... vaise hi mooh kholne ka bhi sahi mauka hota hai
Just like every double cross is deceit ... just like every boundary is four runs ... just like that there is a right moment to open your mouth
# 2
Jaise har Coke cola nahi hota ... jaise har chana chola nahi hota ... vaise hi har masoom dekhne waala bhola nahi hota
Just like every Coke is not cola ... just like every pea is not chickpea ... just like that every innocent looking person is not naive
# 3
Jaise English mein saboot ko proof kehte hai ... ghar ki chhat ko roof kehte hai ... vaise hi har language mein aap jaison ko bewakoof kehte hai
Just like "saboot" is called proof in English ... the roof of the house is called "chhat" ... just like that in every language people like you are called fools
# 4
Jaise June se pehle May aata hai ... jaise paanch ke baad che aata hai ... vaise hi har doggy ka day aata hai
Just like May comes before June ... just like six comes after five ... just like that every dog has his day
# 5
Jaise Superman pehenta cape hai ... jaise King Kong ko kehte ape hai ... vaise yeh great escape hai
Just like Superman wears a cape ... just like King Kong is called an ape ... just like that this is a great escape
# 6
Jaise purana cricketer commentator banta hai na ... waise purani gadi museum mein jati hai
Just like an old cricketer becomes a commentator ... just like that an old car goes in the museum
# 7
Dawai aur shaadi mein badi similarity hoti hai ... dono agar time pe na mile na, bahut mushkil ho jaati hai
There is a big similarity between medicine and marriage ... if you don't get both on time, then a lot of problems come along
# 8
Education se bada koi business nahin hai ... paid service without guarantee
There is no business bigger than education ... paid service without guarantee
# 9
Sabse khoobsurat jhooth wohi log bolte hai joh hamesha sach bolte hai
The most beautiful lie is told by someone who always says the truth
# 10
Kanoon andha hota hai ... judge nahi
The law is blind ... but not the judge
# 11
Ishq aur bullet mein khaas farak nahi hota bhai ... dono hi nikalte hain chaati faadne ke liye
Brother, there is hardly any difference between love and a bullet ... they both come out to tear apart the chest
# 12
Hamare zamane mein kaha karte the ki aashiq ke teen thikane hai ... kapde phatte, baal latte, aur chaurahe pe datte
In our days it was said that a lover has three signs ... ripped clothes, messy hair, and sitting idle on the crossroads
# 13
Aurat na, saali jab chudail nikalti hai na ... aadmi ka gobar kar deti hai
When a woman turns out to be a bitch ... then she turns a man into cow dung
# 14
Yahan talent ke saath saath luck bhi bahut bada factor hota hai
Here, along with talent luck is also a very big factor
# 15
Agar main sharaab hota ... barf, soda, thanda pani, main sabka khaas hota ... gham mein chahe khushi mein main hi sabke paas hota
If I were alcohol ... then I'd be the favourite of ice, soda, cold water ... and I'd be with everyone in happiness and sadness
# 16
Galat kaam na pehle style mein hote hai, uske baad shauk mein, aur uske baad lat mein
Wrong deeds are first done as style, then as a hobby, and then as a habit
# 17
Raajneeti mein seat jeetna joh hai woh bas pehla kadam hai ... bada aur mushkil kaam hai dil jeetna
In politics winning a seat is just the first step ... the bigger and more difficult step is to win the hearts
# 18
Bata kya lega ... thanda, chai garam ... Bacardi, beer, rum
Tell me what will you have ... cold drink, hot tea ... Bacardi, beer, or rum
# 19
Jab aadmi upar, upar, aur upar jaata hai na ... utna hi neeche, neeche, neeche girta hai
When a person goes up and up in life ... then he falls that much down as well
# 20
Rajneeti mein jab apno ka samarthan khone lago ... toh padh tyaag dene mein hi bhalai hai
In politics once you start losing your supporters ... then it's better to simply resign from the position
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