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Time Dialogues

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# 101
Ateeth ko sirf yaad rakho ... vartamaan ko parkho ... aur bhavishya ka chinta karo
Only remember the past ... judge the present ... and worry about the future
# 102
Dost nahi badalte ... waqt badal jaata hai
Friends don't change ... time changes
# 103
Waqt hai ... waqt se pehle sambhal jao
There is time ... correct yourself before the time ends
# 104
Waqt hi vaishi banata hai ... waqt hi insaan
Time makes one a savage ... and time makes one a human
# 105
Time time ki baat hai ... time badalne mein time nahi lagta
It's all about time ... and it doesn't take time for time to change
# 106
Waqt ki pabandi aadhi kamyabi hai ... aur baki lagan, shauk aur iraade se milti hai
Being on time is half the success ... and the rest one gets from dedication, love and intention
# 107
Cricket ho ya pyar ... agar timing sahi nahi hai toh kuch nahi hai
Be it cricket or love ... if your timing is not right then nothing is right
# 108
Zaroori nahi hai ki har baat har waqt doosron ko batayi jaye ... har baat batane ka ek sahi waqt hota hai
It is not necessary to tell everything, everytime to others ... there is a right time to tell everything
# 109
Waqt se pehle aur naseeb ke baad koi cheez agar tere pass dene ko ho ... toh mujhe de dena
If you have anything to give before time and after fate ... then do give that to me
# 110
Aaj itni derr ho gayi ... kabhi darwaze ko dekhte the kabhi waqt ko ... na tum aate the na waqt jata tha
Today you are so late ... sometimes I looked at the door and sometimes I looked at the time ... neither would you come and neither would the time pass
# 111
Waqt ke aage kisi ki nahi chalti ... isliye waqt par hi chod dijiye
No one can be over time ... hence leave it to time itself
# 112
Jab aadmi ka waqt bura aata hai ... toh chahe woh unth pe hi kyun na behta ho ... phir bhi kutta usse kaat leta hai
When a man goes through a bad time ... then even if he is sitting on a camel ... then to a dog bites him
# 113
Time badal chuka hai ... aur desh bhi ... ab hum ghar mein ghuske maarte hai
Time has changed ... and so has the country ... nowadays we go in their house and kill them
# 114
Dost do kisam ke hote hai ... ek woh jinhe raat ke do bajhe bhi phone kiya ja sakta hai ... and you know ki they will be there for you ... aur doosre woh jinhe raat ke do bajhe hi phone kiya jaata hai
There are two types of friends ... one whom we can call at 2am in the night ... and you know that they will be there for you ... and second whom we call only at 2am in the night
# 115
Nail polish kisi bhi time lagana ... har ladki ka birthright hota hai
Applying nail polish at any time ... is the birthright of every girl
# 116
Guzre hue pal laut kar nahi aate ... bas yaadein chhod jaate hai
Time never comes back ... it just leaves behind memories
# 117
Jagah bhi sahi hai aur waqt bhi ... iraada shayad galat hai
The place and time are both right ... may be my intention is wrong
# 118
Waqt aane de bata denge tujhe aye jahaan ... hum abhi se kya bataein, kya hamare dil mein hai
Let the time come, I'll tell to the world ... why should I say from now itself, what is in my heart
# 119
Har din, ek pal, ek lamha aaisa hota hai ... jab rab sabki baat sunta hai ... aur sochi hui baat sach ho jaati hai
Everyday there is a moment in time when ... God listens to everyone ... and the thought in mind becomes a reality
# 120
Kabhi kabhi sainkro saal ek pal ke aage haar jaate hain
Sometimes many many years lose in front of one moment
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