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Release Year - 2014
# 1
Mere bare mein itna mat sochna ... dil mein aata hoon ... samajh mein nahi
Don't think a lot about me ... I am in the heart ... but hard to understand
# 2
Koi umeed bar nahi aati, koi soorat nazar nahi aati ... maut toh ek din moiyan hai, neend raat bhar kyun nahi aati ... pehle aati thi haal-e-dil pe hassi, ab kisi baat pe nahi aati
There is no hope to be found, there is no resolution to be sought ... death is destined to come one day, but why can't I sleep all night ... earlier I was able to laugh at the predicament of my heart, but now I am unable to laugh at anything
# 3
Chehre par gussa, mann mein gaali ... goli bhi chalali ... phir bhi dono haath khali
There is anger on your face, cursing going on in your heart ... you even shot a bullet ... but still both your hands are empty
# 4
Woh jeena bhi koi jeena hai jis mein kick na ho
A life that doesn't have a kick is not a life
# 5
Pehda toh main bhi sharif hua tha ... par sharafat se apni kabhi nahi bani
Even I was born honest ... but I was never able to get along with honesty
# 6
Ek ek paisa gin lena thook laga ke ... yeh ho na ho hum toh traditional kaminey log hai
Count every note with your spit ... he may not be, but we are traditional rascals
# 7
Aap devil ke peeche, devil aapke peeche ... too much fun
You are behind the devil, the devil is behind you ... too much fun
# 8
Jisse zindagi ki parvah hoti hai ... maa kasam maarne ka mazaa us hi ko aata hai
The one who cares about life ... I swear on my mother, it is fun to kill them
# 9
Izzat, zillat, shohrat aur maut ... upar waale ke haath mein hai
Honour, humiliation, wealth and death ... is in the hands of God
# 10
Main tumhare saath bhuda hona chahta hoon ... tumhare wajah se nahi
I want to grow old with you ... not because of you
# 11
Mujhse joh dushmani modh leta hai ... uspe uparwaala reham toh kar deta hai, magar main nahi
One who becomes my enemy ... God may forgive them, but I don't
# 12
Rishtey ko mazboot hona chahiye ... majboor nahi
A relationship should be strong ... not helpless
# 13
Aaj ke baad agar tune mere dost ki taraf aankh bhi uthakar dekha ... toh Yamuna mein pani nahi ... tera khoon bahega
From today even if you look at my friend ... then your blood will flow in the Yamuna (river) ... and not water
# 14
Main case aur face kabhi nahi bhoolta hoon
I never forget a case and a face
# 15
Desi ka chota peg ... angrezi full botal ke barabar hai
One small peg of the local alcohol ... is equivalent to a full bottle of an international brand
# 16
Machli chahe kitni bhi tezz ho ... ek baar kaante mein phas jaye toh kilo ke bhav bikti hai
No matter how fast a fish is ... once it gets stuck on the hook then it sells by the kilo
# 17
Meri vardi pe medal bahut lage hai ... par daag sirf ek
There are a lot of medals on my uniform ... but just one stain
# 18
Dawai aur shaadi mein badi similarity hoti hai ... dono agar time pe na mile na, bahut mushkil ho jaati hai
There is a big similarity between medicine and marriage ... if you don't get both on time, then a lot of problems come along
# 19
Hospital mein normal delivery hui thi ... iska matlab yeh toh pakka tha ki yeh abnormal upar se nahi tapka tha
It was a normal delivery in the hospital ... which means it is confirmed that this abnormal person didn't just fall from the sky
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