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Aa Ab Laut Chalen

Release Year - 1999
# 1
Jiska dil gham ki tanhaiyon mein ujadh gaya ho ... woh bahar se kitna hi sehatmand lagta ho, lekin andar se toh bimaar hi rehta hai
The one whose heart is destroyed in the loneliness of sorrow ... no matter how healthy he looks from the outside, but from inside he is sick
# 2
Joh sacha pyar karte hai woh zindagi bhar ke liye naraaz nahi hote ... kuch derr ke liye rooth jaate hai
Those who are truly in love they are not angry for the entire life ... they just get upset for some time
# 3
Aao ab hum laut chale apne logon mein, apni basti mein ... jahan pyar hai, apnapan hai, sukoon hai
Come let's go back to our own people, in our own colony ... where there is love, there is oneness, there is peace
# 4
Ek bachcha anath ashram mein palkar bada ho sakta hai ... baap mar jaye toh maa ke sahare jee sakta hai ... lekin ek aurat ka pati chala jaye toh woh kiske sahare aur kaise jeeti hai ... woh takleef main samajhta hoon
A child can grow living in an orphanage ... he can live with the support of his mother if his father dies ... but if the husband of a woman goes away then the support on which she lives and how she lives ... I understand that pain
# 5
Bhagwan chadawe se nahi ... chadane waale ki neeyat se khush hota hai
God doesn't get pleased by the offerings ... he gets pleased by the intentions of the person who is offering
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Aa Ab Laut Chalen
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