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Sonu Sood

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# 1
Bhai or don ke upar ... king hota hai
On top of a goon and a don ... there is a king
# 2
Maafi galatiyo ki hoti hai ... gunaaho ki nahi
Apology is for mistakes ... not for crimes
# 3
Mere mooh mat lagna ... main sehat ke liye bahut hanikarak hoon
Stay away from me ... I am injurious to health
# 4
Phasal barsaat se ughti hai ... badal ke garajne se nahi
Crops grow with rains ... not by the thundering of clouds
# 5
Jitna kaatna tha kaat diya ... ab kaatne ki baari meri
They've cut as much as they wanted ... it's now my turn to cut
# 6
Kanoon ke haath aur Chedi Singh ki laat ... dono bahut lambi hai
The hands of the law and the legs of Chedi Singh ... both are very long
# 7
Tum hamare bageeche ka sabse khoobsurat phool ho ... aur hum tumhari khushboo ka mazaa pyar se lena chahte hai
You are the most beautiful flower of my garden ... and I want to enjoy your fragrance with love
# 8
Mujhe koi pakad nahi sakta ... main woh ret hoon jisse mutthi mein jitna kasoge ... woh utni hi phisalti jayegi
No one can catch me ... I am like sand, the more you squeeze it in your hand ... the more it will escape
# 9
Paisa kamane mein time lagta hai ... churane mein nahi
It takes time to earn money ... not to steal it
# 10
Raah chalte ko main chhedta nahi ... aur joh mujhe chhedta hai main usse chhodta nahi
I don't tease anyone ... but the one who teases me, I don't leave him alone
# 11
Uttarte hue suraj mein bhi bahut tapish hoti hai
The setting sun is also very hot
# 12
Joh bada kaam karta hai ... us hi ka bada naam hota hai
People who do big things ... only they becomes famous
# 13
Ek fauji is liye jung nahi karta hai kyun ki woh samne wale se nafrat karta hai ... woh jung is liye karta hai kyun ki jinko woh peeche chhod aaya hai na ... unse woh pyar bahut karta hai
A soldier doesn't fight in a war because he hates the enemy ... he fights because the people that he has left behind ... he loves them a lot
# 14
God samajhta main aapko ... magar aap toh godzilla nikle
I used to think you were god ... but you turned out to be godzilla
# 15
Isse kehte hai mast chick ... one piece item in two piece bikini
This is called a great chick ... one piece of beauty in two piece bikini
# 16
Faujiyon ko do hi cheezon ka toh intezar rehta hai ... dushman ki goli aur ghar se aayi chitthi
Soldiers are always waiting for two things ... the enemy's bullet and a letter from their house
# 17
Itna maaroonga ... ki khud ke pehda hone pe bhi afsoos karne lagega
I will hit you so much that ... you will start repenting on your birth
# 18
Teri age aur teri baatein match nahi karti
Your age and your talks don't match
# 19
Majboot deewarein pattharon se nahi banti ... woh banti hai bahadur jawaano se
Strong walls are not made of stones ... they're made of brave soldiers
# 20
Koi bhi fauji jung nahi chahta ... kyun ki usse hone wale nuksaan ko usse behtar koi nahi jaanta
No soldier wants a war ... because no one knows better than him the loss that comes with it
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