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Release Year - 1997
# 1
India mein time se aane waale ki koi value nahi hoti ... der se aane waale ko star samjha jaata hai
In India there is no value for people who come on time ... and people who come late are considered a star
# 2
Hindustan ki pavitra dharti par pehda hokar ... gadhe ki tarah mehnat karke, kutte ki tarah jeena chhodkar ... chori chakari kar raha hai?
Being born on the holy land of India ... after working hard like a donkey, and leaving the life of a dog ... instead you are stealing?
# 3
Sar se paon tak khud ko dhak liya hai ... meri Roopa ka roop toh kahin se nazar hi nahi aata ni
You have covered yourself from head to toe ... so we can't see the beauty of my Roopa
# 4
Tera mooh baatein karta hue achcha nahi lagta hai ... Fevicol dhal uske andhar
Your mouth doesn't look talking ... put glue in it
# 5
Chalti hai kya nau se barah?
Are you coming for the 9 to 12 show?
# 6
Yeh achanak Star TV mein se Doordarshan kaise ho gayi?
How did she suddenly become from Star TV into Doordarshan?
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