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Release Year - 2016
# 1
Agar silver jeeti toh aaj nahi toh kal log tanne bhool javenge ... gold jeeti toh misaal ban javegi ... aur misaalein di jaati hai beta, bhooli nahi jaati
If you win the silver medal then either today or tomorrow people will forget you ... but you'll become an example if you win the gold medal ... and examples are given, you don't forget them
# 2
Gold toh gold hota hai ... chhora lave ya chhori
A gold medal is a gold medal ... whether a boy gets it or a girl
# 3
Medalist pedh pe nahi ughte ... unhe banana padta hai ... pyar se, mehnat se, lagan se
Medalist don't grow on trees ... you have to nurture them ... with love, with hard work, with dedication
# 4
Apni matti ki hamesha izzat karna ... kyun ki jitni izzat tum matti ki karogi ... utni hi izzat matti se tumhe milegi
Always respect your motherland ... because the amount of respect you give to your motherland ... you'll get that much respect from your motherland
# 5
Dangal ladne se pehle dar se ladna padta hai
Before you fight you need to fight with your fear
# 6
Bahut ho gayi pehalwani ... ab dangal hoga
Enough of wrestling ... now, it's the time for a real fight
# 7
Sirf body banane se koi pehalwan nahi ban jaata ... pehalwani joh hai na, woh khoon mein hoti hai
By building your body you don't become a wrestler ... wrestling is something that's in the blood
# 8
Kehne ko toh ek round sirf do minute ka hota hai ... par socha jaave toh do minute mein 120 second hote hai ... us ek second ka intezar kar jab samne wala galati kare
To say, there are only two minutes in a single round ... but if you come to think of it, there are 120 seconds in two minutes ... wait for that one second when your opponent makes a mistake
# 9
Medal laane ke liye support koi na deta ... par medal na mile toh gaali sab dete hai
No one supports you to get a medal ... but when you don't win a medal then everyone curses you
# 10
Taqat toh genda bhi lagata hai ... lekin sher lagata hai taqat aur technique, dono ... sher ban'na hai, genda nahi
Even a rhinoceros applies strength ... but a tiger applies strength and technique, both ... we should become a tiger and not a rhinoceros
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