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Time Dialogues

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# 121
Mujhse paanch minute na milkar ... aapne apna paanch lakh ka nuksaan kiya hai
By not meeting with me for 5 minutes ... you have incurred a loss of 5 lakhs
# 122
Kya mazaa baar baar milta hai tumhe humse rooth jaane mein ... roothne mein lagti hai do ghadiyan, umar kat jayegi manane mein
What fun do you get in being upset with me ... it only takes 2 seconds to be upset, but it'll take a whole life in trying to cheer up
# 123
Main har ghadi, har minute, har second paise kamana chahta hoon
I want to make money every moment, every minute, every second
# 124
Galat waqt mein insaan galat faisla leta hai
A person takes a wrong decision when his time is not right
# 125
Zindagi kismat aur timing ka khel hai bas
Life is nothing but a game of destiny and timing
# 126
Abhe tu Titanic waali ko dekh le ... chal maana ki lakdi pe ek aadmi ke fit hone ki jagah thi ... toh pandra-pandra minute ki baari nahi le sakte the
Take the girl who was in the movie Titanic ... I agree that there was space for only one person on the plank ... but they could have taken turns 15 minutes at a time
# 127
Zindagi aur waqt ka dariya aaisa hai ... aadmi ek baar usse laang jaye toh phir kabhi vapas nahi aa sakta
The sea of life and time is such that ... once a person crosses it then he can never come back
# 128
Kismat se thoda sa waqt ... aur waqt se thodi si kismat churane aaya hoon
I have come to steal some time from destiny ... and some destiny from time
# 129
Woh chahe hazaaro ghadiyaan khareed le ... magar unmein woh sirf waqt ko dekh sakte hai ... waqt ko ghulam nahi bana sakte
He may buy thousands of watches ... but in them he can only see the time ... he cannot make time as his slave
# 130
Lamho ka bhanwar cheer ke insaan bana hoon ... ehsaas hoon main waqt ke seene mein ghada hoon
I have become a person by tearing the swirl of times ... I am a feeling that is buried inside the heart of time
# 131
Bura waqt aur purane paap ... insaan ko hamesha dhoond hi lete hai
Bad times and old sins ... always find a person back
# 132
Aakhri chand second hi toh haar aur jeet ka faisla karte hai
The last few seconds make the decision between winning and losing
# 133
Yahan se nau do gyarah ho ja ... nahi toh teri zindagi mein aaj ke baad barah toh kya ... kabhi kuch bhi nahi bajega
Get lost from here ... or else from today forget 12 o'clock ... nothing ever will clock in your life
# 134
Waqt se pehle aur kismat se zyada ... na kisi ko mila hai na milega
Before time and more than destiny ... no one has got it and no one will either get it
# 135
Har insaan achcha hota hai ... waqt usse bura banata hai
Every person is good ... time is what makes him bad
# 136
Aandhi jab chalti hai na ... toh haath chhodne ka nahi, haath thaamne ka waqt hota hai
When there is a storm blowing ... then it's the time to hold a hand, not to leave it
# 137
Taqdeer guzre hue kal aur aane waale kal ke beech ka hi doosra naam hai ... kismat in do palon ki beech mein hi apna faisla sunati hai
Destiny is the other name for the time between the past and the future ... and luck declares its decision between these two moments
# 138
Waqt ka problem yahi hai ki woh har waqt badalta rehta hai
The problem of time is that it changes every moment
# 139
Kisiko apnane ke liye waqt ki zaroorat nahi hoti
To make someone our own you don't need time
# 140
Humara bhala karke woh hum mein bata gaye hain ... ki waqt aane par woh humara kitna bura kar sakte hai
By doing good for us they are telling us ... that when the time comes how much bad they can do to us
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