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Sadness Dialogues

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# 161
Tera ek ek aasoon mere liye bada bada samundar hai
Each and every tear drop of yours is a big ocean for me
# 162
Mujhe gham khilao, mujhe aasoon pilao ... taaki mere johar par nikhaar aaye ... naqad nahi toh udhaar aaye
Make me eat sadness, make me drink tears ... so that my quintessence shines ... if not cash then atleast credit should come
# 163
Khamoshi mein udasi ab rahi kahan ... tumhe dekh liya phir se toh sari udasiyan khamosh ho gayi hai ab toh jaise
Sadness doesn't exist in silence anymore ... and now that I've seen you, all the sadness has become silent
# 164
Jab tak rona dhona, sukh dukh hai tab tak maano zinda hai ... nahi toh saans toh chalegi lekin ehsaas mar jayega
Until there is crying and sadness, till then understand that you're living ... without that you may be breathing but the feelings will die
# 165
Insaan ko na kuch paane ki khushi honi chahiye aur na kuch khone ka gham
A person should not have the happiness to achieve something and neither the sorrow to lose something
# 166
Joh khoon peena jaante hai ... woh aasoon bhi pee jaate hai
Those who know how to drink blood ... they can drink tears also
# 167
Beti ke aasoon dekh kar bhi yadi pita ka dil na roye ... toh woh dil nahin patthar hai
Even after seeing a daughter in tears if a fathers heart does not cry ... then that heart is a stone
# 168
Jab gareeb ka dil roh uthta hai ... toh apne hosh kho beheta hai
When the heart of a poor person cries ... then he loses his senses
# 169
Kya kare pyar ishq mohabbat mein kehna padta hai ... kabhi khushi kabhi gham sehna padta hai ... khullam khulla pyar karenge kehna padta hai
What can I do, you have to say all this in love and romance ... you have to tolerate sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness ... you have to say that we will love openly
# 170
Yeh aasoon bhi bade baimaan hote hai ... na gham chupane dete hai, na khushi
Tears are very fraudulent ... they don't let you hide sadness and neither happiness
# 171
Doston ke dukh dard baatne dekho Jaggi aaya hai ... abhe kaun hai woh kabootar jisne tumhe sataya hai
Look Jaggi has come to share the sadness and pain of friends ... who is that pigeon who is bothering you
# 172
Life is a cycle ... kabhi khushi deti hai, kabhi gham deti hai
Life is a cycle ... sometimes it gives happiness, sometimes it gives sorrow
# 173
Sharaab bhi aaisi cheez hai ... koi gham mein peeta hai toh koi khushi mein ... magar main sharaab is liye peeyonga ... ki ab na gham raha na khushi
Alcohol is such a thing that ... someone drinks in sorrow and someone drinks in happiness ... but I'll drink alcohol because ... now there is no sorrow and no happiness left for me
# 174
Milna bichadna jeevan ki reet hai ... do pehlu hai ... ek gham ka doosra khushi ka
Meeting and separation are part of life ... they are the two sides ... one of sadness and other of happiness
# 175
Hum mein apna ilaaj-e-dard-e-dil karna bhi aata hai ... hum aaise jeene waale hai jinhe marna bhi aata hai
I know how to cure for my sorrow heart ... I'm someone who lives and also knows how to die
# 176
Kisi ki shab-e-vasl haste kate hai, kisi ki shab-e-hijr rote kate hai ... hamari yeh shab kaisi shab hai ki ya rab, na haste kate hai na rote kate hai
The night of meeting for some people passes by in happiness, the night of separation for some people passes by in sadness ... oh god what kind of night is my night, it doesn't pass by in happiness and neither in sadness
# 177
Khushiyan toh insaan har kisi ke saath baant sakta hai ... lekin apne dukh usse apne dil ke andhar hi rakhne padte hai
A person can share his happiness with everyone ... but he has to keep his sorrow within his heart
# 178
Haste huye chehre ka gham padhna kitna mushkil hota hai
It is hard to read the sadness behind a smiling face
# 179
Yahan nalon mein pani ho na ho ... aankhon mein hamesha savan rehta hai
There may not be any water in the taps over here ... but it is always raining in the eyes
# 180
Aasoon bahane se dil toh halka ho jayega lekin gham ka bhoj halka nahi hota
By crying your heart will lighten but the weight of sorrow doesn't get any lighter
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