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Release Year - 2001
# 1
Magarmach ke mooh se shayad gosh ka tukda nikalna aasaan hai ... lekin Baburao jisko apne daanton mein daboch le na ... usse na toh aaj tak koi chhuda paya hai aur na chhuda payega
It may be easier to pull out a piece of meat from a crocodile's mouth ... but the one who Baburao catches with his teeth ... no one till today has been able to free him and neither anyone will be able to free him
# 2
Tera ek ek aasoon mere liye bada bada samundar hai
Each and every tear drop of yours is a big ocean for me
# 3
Kya bachon ki tarah cricket khel rahe ho? ... khelna hai toh mere kaale kaale lambe baalon se khel ... mere reshmi dupatte ke aanchal se khel ... mere khwabon mein aakar mere khayalon se khel
Why are you playing cricket like the kids? ... if you want to play then play with my black long hair ... play with the edge of my silky scarf ... come in my dreams and play with my thoughts
# 4
Jis din tu mere hatthe chad gaya ... samajhna us hi din tu sooli par chad gaya
The day you come in my hands ... understand that, that day you will be hanged
# 5
Tumne toh bina petrol ke mere dil mein woh aag laga di hai ... jisse samundar bhi nahi bujha sakta
Even without petrol you've started that fire in my heart ... which even the ocean can't extinguish
# 6
Kiski nass mein kitna khoon hai ... yeh khooni bhediya achchi tarah jaanta hai
Who has how much blood in their veins ... a killer wolf knows that very well
# 7
Aaj main teri khaal hi nahi ... khaal ka ek ek baal bhi noch daloonga
Today not only your skin ... I'll rip out every hair on your skin as well
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