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Chandi Sona

Release Year - 1977
# 1
Kutte ki zaat pehchanni ho toh uske aage haddi daal do ... aur aadmi ko pechanna ho toh usse daulat aur taqat de do
If you want to know the character of a dog then put a bone in front of him ... and if you want to know the character of a person then give him money and power
# 2
Kisi ki shab-e-vasl haste kate hai, kisi ki shab-e-hijr rote kate hai ... hamari yeh shab kaisi shab hai ki ya rab, na haste kate hai na rote kate hai
The night of meeting for some people passes by in happiness, the night of separation for some people passes by in sadness ... oh god what kind of night is my night, it doesn't pass by in happiness and neither in sadness
# 3
Bina mushkil mein padhe kamyabi milti bhi toh nahi ... mushkilen itni padhi mujhpar ki aasaan ho gayi
Without falling into difficulties you don't get success ... and there were so many difficulties on me that it actually became simple
# 4
Mohabbat mein chirag-e-gul zamane ki hawa thandi ... chahe jitni bhi aag jale ishq ki, hawa thandi ki thandi
In love the air flowing in the world of lightened flowers is cold ... no matter how much fire burns of romance, the air is still cold
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