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Danny Denzongpa

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# 1
Apna ussool kehta hai ... agar fayda ho toh jhoot ko sach maan lo ... dushman ko dost bana lo
My rule says that ... if you see the benefit, then treat the lie as the truth ... and make the enemy your friend
# 2
Insaan aur luck dono ka koi bharosa nahi
A person and luck, both cannot be trusted
# 3
Betting ka ussool hai ... paisa lagne ke baad peeche nahi hatte
It is the rule of betting ... that you can't back out once the money is betted
# 4
Agar aaisa ho gaya toh apna khopdi phir jayega ... aur tumhara mundi kat jayega
If this happens then my head will spin ... and your head will be chopped
# 5
Kamzor ki dosti ... taqatwar ke vaar ko kam kar deti hai
Friendship with the weak ... makes the attack of a strong person weak
# 6
Insaan jab luck ke bharose pe khelta hai, toh usse haarne ka darr rehta hai ... magar joh dil se khelta hai, luck hamesha uska saath deta hai
A person who plays relying on his luck, is scared of losing ... but the one who plays with his heart, even luck stays on his side
# 7
Paisa hone se luck nahi banta hai ... magar luck hone se paisa banta hai
With money you can't make luck ... but with luck you can make money
# 8
Tum sach toh main jhoot ... tum din toh main raat ... tum khushnaseeb toh main badnaseebi ki misaal
If you are the truth then I am the lie ... if you are day then I am night ... if you are the lucky one then I am an example of bad luck
# 9
Jeeyo itna ki zindagi kam padh jaave ... hasso itna ki rona mushkil ho jaave ... gusse ko thook do aur haste haste apne dushmano ko phook do
Live so much that life feels short ... laugh so much that crying becomes hard ... spit your anger out and laughingly eliminate your enemy
# 10
Har jung border par nahi hoti
Not every war happens on the border
# 11
Faanoos banke jiski hifaazat hawa kare ... woh shama kya bhuje jise roshan khuda kare
When a lamp gets protection from the wind ... then no one can blow the candle that is lit by God
# 12
Taambe ko joh sona bana de, patthar mein joh heera tarashe, taqdeer ko talwar bana de, maut ko joh jeena sikha de ... hai kuch aaise log joh jeete hai shaan se aur aazmaate hai apni jaan se ... hai jeetna inki fitrat, jab hathyaar hai inka luck
One who turns copper into gold, one who finds a diamond in the rough, one who turns his fate into a sword, one who teaches death to live ... there are some people who live with pride and keep trying with their life ... to win is their nature, when luck is their weapon
# 13
Chaand par pahuchna ho toh sitaron par nahi ruka karte ... woh toh khud girte rehte hai
If you want to reach to the moon then don't stop at the stars ... they themselves keep falling
# 14
Mere pass paisa hai par style nahi hai ... aur tere pass style hai par paisa nahi hai
I have money but no style ... and you have style but no money
# 15
Mil jaate hai kuch officers hum mein todhe pagal, todhe adhiyal ... jinke dimaag mein sirf desh aur desh bhakti ghumti rehti hai ... yeh desh ke liye marna nahi chahte, balki jeena chahte hai ... taki aakhri saans tak desh ki rakhsha kar sake
We do get some officers who are a little mad, a little stubborn ... in whose mind only country and patriotism keeps moving ... these people don't want to die for their country, instead they want to live ... so that they can protect their country till their last breath
# 16
Iski maut soochni padegi!
I will have to plan his death!
# 17
Aaise logon ki maut unka sarr kaatne se nahi ... balki sarr jhukane se hoti hai
People like him don't die by beheading ... they die when their head bows down
# 18
Har sant ka ek beeta hua kal hota hai ... aur har paapi ka ek aane waala kal hota hai
Every saint has a past ... and every sinful person has a future to come
# 19
Tere shareer ke haddiyo ke itne tukde karoonga ... ki teri aane waali nasal tak is dard ko mehsoos karegi
I will break the bones of your body into so many pieces ... that even your coming generations will feel the pain
# 20
Apna ussool kehta hai ... har galati ki saza maut hai ... sirf maut!
My rule says that ... every mistakes punishment is death ... only death!
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