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Zeenat Aman

# 1
Dil ke tootne ki awaaz nahi hoti ... magar usse zalzale aa jaate hai, aasman phat jaate hai, duniya tabaah ho jati hai
When a heart breaks there is no sound ... but with that earthquakes come, the sky tears apart, the world gets destroyed
# 2
Aankh joh dekhe dhokha khaye ... dil joh andha wohi raah batlaye
Whoever sees through the eyes gets betrayed ... follow your blind heart which shows the path
# 3
Joh aadmi chori karke bhaagte huye pakda jaaye ... woh zindagi bhar bhaagta rehta hai
A person who is caught running after stealing ... that person keeps running for his entire life
# 4
Dost agar dosti mein dosti ka interest 100% na le ... toh dosti nahi rehti
Within friendship if a friend doesn't take 100% interest in friendship ... then it's not friendship
# 5
Khamoshi mein udasi ab rahi kahan ... tumhe dekh liya phir se toh sari udasiyan khamosh ho gayi hai ab toh jaise
Sadness doesn't exist in silence anymore ... and now that I've seen you, all the sadness has become silent
# 6
Pyar bhagwan hai ... lekin saath yeh bhi kahoongi, ki pyar mein joh shaadi na kare ... woh shaitan hai
Love is god ... but along with that I'll say that, the one who doesn't get married in love ... is a devil
# 7
Adhoore sapne chubte bahut hai ... bahut teekhi hoti hai unki chuban
Incomplete dreams prick a lot ... their pricking hurts a lot
# 8
Daulat se bhi badkar koi cheez hai aur woh hai pyar ... pyar se bhi ooncha kuch hai aur woh hai aadmi ka apna usool
There is something bigger than money and that is love ... and there is something bigger than love as well and that is the principles of a person
# 9
Log toh ghar basakar, tamaam rishtey naate banakar bhi pyar ke chand lamhe nahi jee paate aksar ... lekin maine toh chand lamhon mein pyar ki mukammal zindagi ko paa liya hai tumse
People even after making relationships and settling in houses are often not able to live a few moments of love ... but I've achieved a complete life of love with you in just a few moments
# 10
Tumhare pyar ka kya sila doon yeh nahi malum ... umar mil saki agar kuch aur toh yeh bhi seekh loongi main tumse
I don't know what reward to give you for your love ... if I get to live a little longer then I'll learn that from you as well
# 11
Joh insaan choti choti khushi ko dhoondta ho ... uske samne khushiyon ka bhandaar khul jaye ... toh usse yakeen nahi aata
A person who searches for small small happiness ... doesn't trust in a repository of happiness ... when it opens in front of him
# 12
Main pyar karoongi toh sirf ek hi aadmi se ... aur agar mujhe utna hi pyar vapas nahi milega toh tukde tukde ho jaongi andar hi andar
If I fall in love then I'll only love that one person ... and if I don't get the same amount of love back then I'll break into pieces from the inside
# 13
Agar ichcha mein bal ho toh woh azaad hoti hai ... aur shakti bhi azaadi se aati hai, bandish se nahi
If your desires are strong then they are free ... and even strength comes from freedom and not from restriction
# 14
Sirf saanson ke aane jaane ka naam hi toh zindagi nahi ... saans toot bhi jaye toh kya, saans kho bhi jaye toh kya?
Life is not just about breathing in and out ... so what if breathing stops, so what if breath is lost?
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