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Happiness Dialogues

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# 1
Bhagwan toh hamesha bhagwan hi rehta hai ... uski har haal mein puja ki jati hai ... chahe woh apne bhakt ko sukh de yah dukh
God always remains God ... he is worshiped no matter what ... whether he gives his devotee happiness or sadness
# 2
Joh khud khush na ho ... woh auron ko khushi kabhi nahi de sakta
One who himself is not happy ... can't give happiness to others
# 3
Dard kam hota hai khushi dene se ... dukh kam hota hai sukh dene se
Pain reduces by giving joy ... sadness reduces by giving happiness
# 4
Jab main bhurji paratha khata hoon na ... toh joh khushi mehsoos hoti hai, mujhe woh wali feeling aa rahi hai ... you know jaise, dil ka pet bhar gaya ho
When I eat scrambled eggs and flour bread ... then the happiness that I feel, I'm getting that feeling now ... you know like, the stomach of the heart is full
# 5
Yaad rakhna ki duniya ke kisi kone mein ek aadmi hai joh bahut khush hai ... kyun ki tum khush ho
Remember in some corner of the world there is a person who is very happy ... because you are happy
# 6
Pyar ka matlab sirf pyar ka izhaar karna nahi hota ... pyar bina kuch kahe bhi, pyar hi hai ... pyar qurbani bhi hai ... pyar ek doosre ke liye chup rehna bhi hai ... pyar ka matlab sirf pyar ko pana nahi hai ... pyar kisi aur ki khushi ke liye, apni khushi mitana bhi hai
Love doesn't just mean saying I love you to someone ... love is love even without saying anything ... love is also sacrifice ... love also means keeping quiet for each others sake ... love doesn't mean simply possessing ... love is also giving up your own happiness
# 7
Kisi badi khushi ke intezaar mein ... hum yeh chote chote khushiyon ke mauke kho dete hain
In waiting for a big happy moment ... we miss these small small happy moments
# 8
Har dukh aane waale sukh ki chitti hoti hai ... aur har nuksaan hone waale fayde ka ishara
Every sorrow is the letter for the coming happiness ... and every loss is an indication to the coming profit
# 9
Khushiyan kisi ki mohtaj nahin hoti, dosti yunhi ittefaq se nahin hoti ... kuch toh maine honge is pal ke, warna yunhi aapse mulaqat nahin hoti
Happiness does not depend on anything, friendship does not happen by chance ... there might some reasons to this moment, otherwise we wouldn't have met just like that
# 10
Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness
Happiness is nothing but the absence of sadness
# 11
Life ka sikka ... heads aur tails, khushi ur gham ... dono saath saath hi chalte hai
The coin of life ... heads or tails, happiness or sadness ... both go together
# 12
Na sukh hai, na dukh hai, na deen hai, na duniya, na insaan, na bhagwan ... sirf main hoon, main hoon, main hoon, main ... sirf main
There is no joy, no grief, no pity, no world, no human, no God ... only I am there, I am there, I am there, me ... only me
# 13
Jahan 'kh' se khush hokar jeena chahiye wahan 'kh' se itne khamosh baithe ho ... arre 'kh' se itne khoye khoye ho ... ki pata hi nahi chalta ki aap ghar pe ho
Where you should be happy in life there you are sitting so quietly ... you are so lost ... that one does not know if you are home or not
# 14
Ab mere paas khushiyan nahi, sirf gham hi gham hai ... ab mere paas logon ki bheed nahi, sirf akelapan hai
Now I only have sorrow and no happiness ... now I only have loneliness and not people around me
# 15
Hum mein apne gaal pe thappad ke dukh se zyada ... uske gaal pe pappi ka sukh tha
More than the sadness of the slap on my cheek ... I was happy about the kiss that I wanted to give on her cheek
# 16
Kabhi kabhi dil ke paimane mein khushi itni badh jati hai ... ki khud ba khud aasoon ke cheetay bankar jhalak jati hai
Sometimes happiness increases so much in the heart ... that it starts to fall by itself in the form of tear drops
# 17
Jitni khushi aapko hamare yahan aane se ho rahi hai ... usse kahin zyada dukh hamare jane pe hoga
The amount of happiness that you have by us coming here ... more than that sadness you will have when we go from here
# 18
Mogambo khush hua
Mogambo is happy
# 19
Kisi bhi insaan ka dil jeetne ke liye ... uske mann mein jhankna padta hai ... uski choti choti khushiya, choti peedayein, vishvas aur dhadkano se judna padta hai
To win a persons heart ... you have to peep into their mind ... you have to connect with their small happinesses, small problems, faith and heartbeats
# 20
Tum agar khulke ro nahi sakogi ... toh khulkar has kaise sakogi
If you are not able to cry openly ... then how will you laugh openly
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