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Purab Aur Pachhim

Release Year - 1970
# 1
Apne yahan ki mitti ki khushboo hai na ... woh toh ajnabi logo ki saanson mein bhi sanskar bhar deti hai
Even the smell of soil from our place ... fills culture in the breath of strange people
# 2
Agar tumhare maathey ki bindiya aur maang ka sindoor, suhaag ki nishani nahi kalank hai ... toh mitta do isse
If the bindi on your forehead and the vermilion in the (hair) parting, is a sign of disgrace and not your husband ... then erase it
# 3
Yahan maa baap ke liye aulad sab kuch hai ... aur aulad ke liye maa baap?
Here for the parents the offspring is everything ... and for the offspring the parents?
# 4
Desh pe marne waala, kabhi nahin marta
One who dies for the country, never dies
# 5
Tum usse apna samajhte ho, joh madad leta hai ... main usse apna kehta hoon, joh madad deta hai
One who takes help, you call him a friend ... one who gives help, I call him a friend
# 6
Beti ke aasoon dekh kar bhi yadi pita ka dil na roye ... toh woh dil nahin patthar hai
Even after seeing a daughter in tears if a fathers heart does not cry ... then that heart is a stone
# 7
Sharam yahan ka sabse anmol gehna hai
Shyness is the most precious ornament here
# 8
Shareer jitna thanda hoga, jalne mein utna hi anand aayega
The colder the body is, the more delightful it will be when it burns
# 9
Abhi shareer mein garmi hai beta ... jab thanda ho jaye toh jhauk dena aag mein
My body is still hot son ... when it gets cold then throw me into the fire
# 10
Jahan life partners badal sakte hain ... toh naam kyun nahi?
When one can change life partners ... then why not the name?
# 11
Jab yahan se jao, toh itne kalank saath lekar mat jaana ... jinhe Ganga maiya bhi na dho sakey
When you go from here, then don't take so many disgraces with you ... which even the river Ganges won't be able to clean
# 12
Jab paschatap nahi ... toh prayaschit bhi nahi
When there is no regret ... then there is no penance either
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