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Release Year - 1964
# 1
Aaj sheeshay mein bar bar unhe dil ki moorat dikhai deti hai ... apni soorat nazar nahi aati, meri soorat dikhai deti hai
Today in the mirror she is continuously seeing the sculpture of the heart ... she is seeing my face instead of her own face
# 2
Hum mein apna ilaaj-e-dard-e-dil karna bhi aata hai ... hum aaise jeene waale hai jinhe marna bhi aata hai
I know how to cure for my sorrow heart ... I'm someone who lives and also knows how to die
# 3
Phoola chaman khushi ka jaane bahar aaya ... aankhon ka noor aaya, dil ka qaraar aaya ... dekhe joh khwab dil ne, tabeer hai yeh unki ... humko bhi zindagi ka ab aetbaar aaya ... joh phool-e-ilahi, hasta rahe hamesha ... joh bagh-e-zindagi mein bankar bahar aaya
The flower garden blossomed when spring came ... my eyes were able to see the light and my heart was at peace ... this is an interpretation of the dreams that my heart had seen ... now even I was able to have faith in life ... let the god of flowers always be happy ... the one who has come in the garden of my life as spring
# 4
Ab tak na khabar thi mujhe ujhade hue ghar ki ... aap aaye toh ghar be-sar-o-saman nazar aaya
Until now I wasn't aware of my ruined house ... when you came only then I was able to see my destituted house
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