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Bandhan Kuchchey Dhaagon Ka

Release Year - 1983
# 1
Zindagi ke meethe sur jhoot ke taaron se nahi ... vishvas ke saaz se nikalte hai
The sweet tunes of life come from the musical instrument of trust ... and not from the strings of lies
# 2
Dost agar dosti mein dosti ka interest 100% na le ... toh dosti nahi rehti
Within friendship if a friend doesn't take 100% interest in friendship ... then it's not friendship
# 3
Khamoshi mein udasi ab rahi kahan ... tumhe dekh liya phir se toh sari udasiyan khamosh ho gayi hai ab toh jaise
Sadness doesn't exist in silence anymore ... and now that I've seen you, all the sadness has become silent
# 4
Adhoore sapne chubte bahut hai ... bahut teekhi hoti hai unki chuban
Incomplete dreams prick a lot ... their pricking hurts a lot
# 5
Log toh ghar basakar, tamaam rishtey naate banakar bhi pyar ke chand lamhe nahi jee paate aksar ... lekin maine toh chand lamhon mein pyar ki mukammal zindagi ko paa liya hai tumse
People even after making relationships and settling in houses are often not able to live a few moments of love ... but I've achieved a complete life of love with you in just a few moments
# 6
Tumhare pyar ka kya sila doon yeh nahi malum ... umar mil saki agar kuch aur toh yeh bhi seekh loongi main tumse
I don't know what reward to give you for your love ... if I get to live a little longer then I'll learn that from you as well
# 7
Har din ki kismat mein aftab nahi hota ... lekin phir bhi har din zindagi ka ek naya daur shuru hota hai
Not every day has sunlight in its destiny ... but still every day in life a new chapter starts
# 8
Samundar tabhi tak samundar hai jab tak woh khamosh rehta hai ... aur jab uski khamoshi tootti hai toh woh toofan ban jaata hai
An ocean is an ocean until it is silent ... and when it breaks its silence then it turns into a storm
# 9
Jise humdum banaya ho, jise humkadam banaya ho ... usse humraaz nahi banaya ja sakta
The one who is our soulmate, the one who is our companion ... we cannot make them our confidant
# 10
Sneh aasman se tapki hui sharaab ki ek boond hai ... joh insaani jism mein dhalkar zameen ka sabse khoobsurat phool ban gayi
Affection is a drop of alochol dripping from the sky ... which by mixing with the human body has become the most beautiful flower on earth
# 11
Sirf saanson ke aane jaane ka naam hi toh zindagi nahi ... saans toot bhi jaye toh kya, saans kho bhi jaye toh kya?
Life is not just about breathing in and out ... so what if breathing stops, so what if breath is lost?
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