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Release Year - 1980
# 1
Insaan agar kisi baat ki umeed na rakhe toh na dil tootne ka afsoos hota hai ... na baad mein behosh hota hai
If a person doesn't keep a hope for anything then you don't feel sad when your heart breaks ... and neither does he faint later on
# 2
Waqt aane par na dushman ko chhodna chahiye ... na saanp ko dekhkar laathi ko todna chahiye
When the time comes you should neither leave the enemy ... nor should you break the stick on seeing a snake
# 3
Kismat hamare saath hai, uske haathon mein apna haath hai, chand chakori ki mulaqat hai, premi ko mili daulat ki saugat hai, lekin is baat mein bhi ek baat hai, shaadi ke baad main aapse poochunga daddy ... aapki kya aukaat hai?
Luck is with us, my hand is in her hand, the bird and the moon are meeting, the lover has got a gift of money, but in this thing there is also a thing, and after marriage I'll ask you daddy ... what is your status?
# 4
Ab toh baat hi baat hai, har taraf chandni raat hai, khushiyon ki barsaat hai, tera aur Kavita ka zindagi bhar ka saath hai, teri aane waali baraat hai, sari jaidaad apne haath hai ... aye kabootar rone ki kya baat hai?
Now the time is good, everywhere there is moonlit night, it's raining happiness, you and Kavita will stay together for life, your wedding procession is going to come, the whole wealth is in our hands ... so why are you crying you pigeon?
# 5
Teri tabiyat toh hamesha murghi ki tarah khauff ke ande diya karti hai
You health just like a chicken always gives the eggs of fear
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