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Sadness Dialogues

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# 101
Maa ka dil sab kuch jaanta hai ... bete ka sukh, bete ka dukh ... sab kuch usse pehle se hi maloom hota hai
The heart of a mother knows everything ... happiness of her son, sadness of her son ... it knows everything before hand
# 102
Dekh sakta hai bhala kaun yeh pyare aasoon ... meri aankhon mein nah aa jaaye tumhare aasoon
Who can see these lovely tears ... I hope your tears don't come in my eyes
# 103
Yeh aasoon joh hai na, beh jaye toh pani hai ... andhar reh jaye toh zehar hai
These tears, if they flow away then they are like water ... but if they stay inside then they are like poison
# 104
Cancer ke keedon ke samne ... na meri zindagi ki koi keemat hai ... na tumhare aasuon ki
In front of the bugs of cancer ... there is no value of my life ... nor of your tears
# 105
Dukh woh amrit hai jisse paap dhulte hai
Grief is that holy water with which sins get washed
# 106
Dukh toh sabhi ki zindagi mein hota hai ... kisi ko bin maange mil jaata hai meri tarah ... aur koi jaan-mooch ke modh le leta hai tumhari tarah
Everyone has sorrow in their life ... some people like me get it without asking for it ... and some people like you purposely call for it
# 107
Pyar toot jaye toh sirf dukh hota hai ... par vishvas toot jaye toh sab kuch khatam ho jata hai
When love breaks we only feel sad ... but when the trust breaks then everything ends
# 108
Dono gham se guzrein ya guzrein khushi se ... jahan se bhi guzrein, guzrein apni khushi se
We both will go through sorrow or happiness ... but from wherever we go, we will go at our own will
# 109
Maine itne aasoon dekhe hai ... ke unhe jama karta toh ek samundar ban jaata
I have seen so many tears ... that had I collected them it would have made an ocean
# 110
Hamare dhande mein aasunyon ke saath koi rishta nahin hota
In our business we don't have any relationship with tears
# 111
Dukh mein peeyo daru, sukh mein peeyo soup ... ameer aadmi ki party mein, gareeb aadmi chup
Drink alcohol when you're sad, drink soup when you're happy ... a poor man stays quiet in a rich man's party
# 112
Tumhare hi liye paida hue duniya ke nazare ... chamakte hai tumhari roshni se chand aur taare ... tumhara gham hai gham, auron ka gham khawab-o-kahani hai ... tumhara khoon hai khoon, hamara khoon pani hai
The sights of the world are created just for you ... the moon and the stars shine because of your light ... your sorrow is sorrow, and the sorrow of others is a dream story ... your blood is blood, and my blood is water
# 113
Agar tum khush ho toh is liye ki tum khush rehna chahte ho ... aur agar dukhi ho toh is liye ki tum dukhi rehna chahte ho
If you are happy, it's because you want to be happy ... and if you are sad, it's because you want to be sad
# 114
Mere aasuyon ka swad ... mere mann ka namak hi samajhta hai
Only the salt of my heart ... can understand the taste of my tears
# 115
Joh log maaf kar dete hai na woh kabhi udhas nahi hote
People who forgive never feel sad
# 116
Tum ruki kya dil hamara ruk gaya ... gham ke maare aasman bhi jhuk gaya
My heart stopped when you stopped ... in this sadness even the sky bowed down
# 117
Tum hamari sari daulat lootkar le jaate toh hum mein koi gham nahi hota ... tumne hamare pariwar ka pyar aur vishvas loota hai ... khoon kiya hai tumne hamari bhavnao ka
Had you stolen all my money and left then I wouldn't have been sad ... but you have stolen the love and trust of our family ... you have murdered our emotions
# 118
Hum sab ki zindagi mein thode se aasoon likhe hai ... unhe mitaane ke liye hum mein chahiye thodi si madad, thoda sa pyar, thoda sa magic
We all have a little bit of tears written in our life ... and to erase them we need a little bit of help, a little bit of love, a little bit of magic
# 119
Agar sharaab dukhon ko mitta sakti ... toh har aadmi sharaabi ban jata
If alcohol could erase sadness ... then every person would become an alcoholic
# 120
Yahan pe log rone ke liye kandha nahi dete ... marne tak ka intezar karte hai
People hear don't lend a shoulder to cry ... they wait for you to die
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