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Ajab Gazabb Love

Release Year - 2012
# 1
Agar aap ek aaisa product banaye jiski demand aaj hai ... toh aap late hai ... product woh hona chahiye jiski demand kal hogi
If you are making a product which has demand today ... then you're late ... a product should be something which will be in demand tomorrow
# 2
Baap toh aaise hi hote hai ... khushiyon ka har tukda baant dete hai bachchon mein ... lekin gham ka ek katra bhi nahi choone dete
Fathers are like this only ... they distribute every bit of happiness with their children ... but they don't let even a drop of sadness touch them
# 3
Sabse gareeb toh woh hota hai jiski aankhon mein sapna na ho
The one who does not have a dream in his eyes is the most poorest person
# 4
Hum mehnat kash is duniya se jab apna hissa mangenge ... ek bagh nahi, ek khet nahi, hum sari duniya mangenge
When we hard working people will ask for our share from this world ... not a park, not a field, but we'll ask for the entire world
# 5
Sirf pyar kaafi nahi hota hai ... pyar ko nibhane ke liye commitment bhi hona chahiye
Only love is not enough ... we also need to have commitment to fulfill that love
# 6
Is duniya mein sabse sachchi daulat hai duayon ki daulat
The most real wealth in this world is the wealth of prayers
# 7
Kisi ka pati doctor hota hai, kisi ka pati contractor hota hai ... mera pati toh calculator hai
Someone's husband is a doctor, someone's husband is a contractor ... my husband is a calculator
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