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Release Year - 1988
# 1
Zindagi mein jitni zaroori mohabbat hai ... utni hi zaroori daulat bhi hai
Money is necessary in life ... just as much as love is necessary in life
# 2
Insaan ko na kuch paane ki khushi honi chahiye aur na kuch khone ka gham
A person should not have the happiness to achieve something and neither the sorrow to lose something
# 3
Is duniya mein koi kisi ka dost nahi hai ... sab paison ke dost hai
In this world no one is a friend of anyone ... everyone is a friend of money
# 4
Agar khubsoorat ladki ko na chedo ... toh woh bhi toh uski beizzati hoti hai na
If you don't tease a beautiful girl ... then that also is disrespectful to her
# 5
Duniya mein agar kuch hai, toh woh paisa nahi, daulat nahi ... pyar hai, mohabbat hai
If there is anything in the world, then that is not money and not wealth ... it is affection, it is love
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