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Sadness Dialogues

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# 181
Aapke aasoon mera dard ban jayenge ... aur aapki takleefien meri pareshaniyan kehlayengi
Your tears will turn into my pain ... and your problems will be called as my worries
# 182
Uparwaala shayad insaan ko utna hi dukh deta hai ... jitna woh seh sake
God only gives so much sorrow to a person ... how much he can handle
# 183
Ab hua malum aahon ka dhuan hota hai kya ... apne daaman mein lagi aag toh rota hai kya?
Now you know how it feels like to be in pain and sorrow ... and now that you're on fire, you're crying?
# 184
Zindagi mein kuch gham aaise bhi hote hai ... jinse insaan ka rishta zindagi bhar ka hota hai
In life there are some sorrows ... with which a person has a relationship for the entire life
# 185
Insaan agar kisi baat ki umeed na rakhe toh na dil tootne ka afsoos hota hai ... na baad mein behosh hota hai
If a person doesn't keep a hope for anything then you don't feel sad when your heart breaks ... and neither does he faint later on
# 186
Aasoon peene se achcha hai aadmi sharab pee le
It is better for a person to drink alcohol than drinking tears
# 187
Dukh hamesha sukh ke bhes mein hi aata hai
Sadness always comes in the appearance of happiness
# 188
Mohabbat karne waalon ka dukh sirf mohabbat karne waale hi samajh sakte hai
Only people in love can understand the sorrow of people in love
# 189
Dil dukh ki aag mein jalta hai ... toh aasoon bankar behne lagta hai
When the heart burns in the fire of sadness ... then it turns into tears and flows
# 190
Sabse pehle apni akad aur apni zid ki jhadon ko aag laga ... varna dukhon ke aaise badal mandrayenge ... ke is ghar mein aasoonyon ke sailaab aa jayenge
First burn the roots of your attitude and stubbornness ... or else the clouds of sorrow will hover over you ... and there will be a flood of tears in this house
# 191
Aaj raat tere gham ko rum mein dubaate hai
Let's drown your sorrows in rum tonight
# 192
Suna tha rishtey insaano ko ek doosre se jodhte hai ... lekin mere rishton ne toh mujhe bilkul hi todh kar rakh diya
I had heard that relations connect each other together ... but my relations have broken me altogether
# 193
Apne aasoon sukh jaye toh aadmi doosron ke aasoon pochne chala jata hai
When the tears of a person dry then they go to wipe the tears of others
# 194
Dukh aur sukh ki tarah galatiyan bhi aadmi ke muqadar mein likhi hoti hai ... galatiyan karke joh pachtata hai wohi insaan kehlata hai
Like sadness and happiness, even mistakes are written in the destiny of a person ... and the one who repents after committing a mistake is called a human
# 195
Kisi kisi dukh ke peeche ek bada sukh chupa hota hai
Behind some sorrows there is a big happiness hidden
# 196
Joh main khana chahta hoon woh bazar mein milega nahi katan ... agar mangva sakte ho, do char mann gham mangvao foran
What I want to eat you won't get that in the market ... but if you can get something then get a little bit of sadness for me
# 197
Bhook lagegi toh aam ke pedh ke upar chadkar aamiya kha lenge ... pyaas lagi toh kuaan se pani pee lenge ... neend lagi toh peepal ke pedh ke neeche soo lenge ... aur aapka yaad aaya toh chup-chap akele mein ro lenge
If I feel hungry then I'll climb on a mango tree and eat mangoes ... if I feel thirsty then I'll drink water from the well ... if I feel sleepy then I'll sleep under the fig tree ... and if I miss you then I'll cry when I'm alone
# 198
Shyam hote hi tanhaiyan mujhe til-til maarne lagti hai ... aaise mein agar koi saathi saath na ho, toh aasoon bhi gale mil-mil behne lagte hai
When the sun sets my loneliness starts to kill me slowly slowly ... and if someone is not with me at that time, then my tears start to flow drop by drop
# 199
Duniya mein tu aayi hai ashk peene ke liye ... muskurana hi padega tujhe jeene ke liye
You have come in this world to drink tears ... but you will have to laugh to live
# 200
Aadmi apna dukh toh phir bhi bardaasht kar leta hai ... lekin apne dushman ka sukh ... hum mein choor choor kar deta hai
We can tolerate our own sorrow ... but the happiness of our enemy ... breaks us apart
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