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Hrithik Roshan

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# 1
Computer ne insaan ko nahi banaya hai ... insaan ne computer ko banaya hai ... is liye joh dimaag kar sakta hai, woh aapka computer nahi kar sakta hai
The computer did not make humans ... the humans made the computer ... that's why what a mind can do, a computer can't
# 2
Pehle din inkaar kiya ... duje din iqraar ki ... teeje din pyar kiya
First day she denied ... second day she agreed ... third day she fell in love
# 3
Hukm ki tameel ho!
My orders must be fulfilled!
# 4
Jab pyar karne waale apne jazbaato ko dabakar ... rishto ko koi doosra naam dete hai ... toh kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin jazbaat phoot phootke rone lagte hai
When people in love suppress their emotions ... and give an alternate name to their relations ... then at some point and at some place those emotions cry a lot
# 5
Kya koi kisi se itna pyar kar sakta hai ki uski jaan lele?
Can a person love someone so much that he can take that persons life?
# 6
Har mazhab ka ehtram aur bardaash karne ki chahat hi ... aane waale Hindustan ko sunhera bana sakti hai
The respect for every religion and the desire to tolerate ... will make tomorrow's India great
# 7
Pyar ka matlab sirf pyar ka izhaar karna nahi hota ... pyar bina kuch kahe bhi, pyar hi hai ... pyar qurbani bhi hai ... pyar ek doosre ke liye chup rehna bhi hai ... pyar ka matlab sirf pyar ko pana nahi hai ... pyar kisi aur ki khushi ke liye, apni khushi mitana bhi hai
Love doesn't just mean saying I love you to someone ... love is love even without saying anything ... love is also sacrifice ... love also means keeping quiet for each others sake ... love doesn't mean simply possessing ... love is also giving up your own happiness
# 8
Kabhi kabhi aisa kyun hota hai ... ki apne paraye ho jaate hain
Why is it that sometimes ... family members become strangers
# 9
Aadmi ka khud pe bharosa, uski taqat hoti hai
A person's strength is the confidence he has on himself
# 10
Woh yeh soochte hai ki tum kuch jaanti ho ... par woh yeh nahi jaante ki tum kuch nahi jaanti
They think that you know something ... but they don't know that you don't know anything
# 11
Fateh karne aur raaj karne mein bahut fark hota hai
There is big difference between winning and ruling
# 12
Life bahut choti hai doston ... par dil se jiyo toh bahut hai ... so go on break the rules, forgive quickly, love truly and never regret anything that made you smile
Life is very short friends ... but if you live with your heart then it is a lot ... so go on break the rules, forgive quickly, love truly and never regret anything that made you smile
# 13
Khubsoorati saadgi mein hi hai
Beauty lies within simplicity
# 14
Dhokhe ke baad kisi na kisi ka marna zaroori hota hai
After a betrayal it is a must for someone to die
# 15
Lambe khel mein chote mohron ki zaroorat nahi hoti
In a long game small pawns are not needed
# 16
Andhere mein agar kisi ka saath ho na ... toh andhera kam lagta hai
In darkness, if you have the company of someone ... then the darkness feels less dark
# 17
Yeh khel unhone shuru kiya tha ... tamasha aap logon ne dekha ... khatam main karoonga
They had started this game ... you guys saw the entertainment ... but I'll finish it
# 18
Chori jiske naam se hoti hai ... loot bhi us hi ki hoti hai
The name under which the robbery happens ... the stolen goods also belong to that person
# 19
Aapki aankhen toh khuli rahengi, par aap kuch dekh nahi payenge ... aapke kaan khule rahenge, par aap kuch sun nahi payenge ... aur sabse badi baat ... aap sab kuch samajh jaaoge, par aage kisi ko samjha nahi payenge
Your eyes will be open, but you won't be able to see anything ... your ears will be open, but you won't be able to listen anything ... and the main thing will be that ... you'll understand everything, but you won't be able to explain to others
# 20
Toh kya hua ki agar hum saath nahi ho sake ... pyar bina saath rahe bhi ... pyar hi rahega
So what we couldn't be together ... our love even without living together ... will still be love
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