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Zamaana Deewana

Release Year - 1995
# 1
Tumhare pyar mein dil bekarar kab se hai ... ab aa bhi jaao, mujhe intezar kab se hai
My heart is restless in your love since a long time ... please come, I've been waiting for you since a long time
# 2
Har mumkin pehle namumkin hi hota hai ... aur har haqeeqat pehle khwaab hi hoti hai
Everything possible is initially impossible ... and everything real is initially a dream
# 3
Aap kamai mein joh maza hai na ... woh maza na baap kamai mein hai, na paap kamai mein hai
The enjoyment that you get from earning money by yourself ... you don't get that enjoyment from the money received from your father or the money earned from evil things
# 4
Main jab naachta hoon na ... toh pair floor par nahi, haseeno ke dil par padte hai
When I dance ... then my feet don't step on the floor, they step on the hearts of beautiful women
# 5
Apni halat bayaan karoon kaise ... yaad ka saanp dil ko dasta hai ... aahatein goonjti hai kaano mein ... meri aankhon mein koi basta hai ... main tumhe dhoondne kahan jaaon ... koi manzil na koi rasta hai ... meri baahein tumhari manzil hai ... dil musafir hai, pyar rasta hai ... waqt aankhon mein tham gaya jaise ... ek paal ek saal lagta hai ... mere khwaabon ki saans toot na jaaye ... aa bhi jaao ki aas toot na jaaye
How should I describe about my condition ... the snake of memories bites me ... the sounds echo in my ears ... someone has settled in my eyes ... where should I go searching for you ... there's no path and no destination ... my arms are your destination ... the heart is a traveller and love is the path ... time has stopped in my eyes ... one moment feels like one year ... I hope the breath of my dreams doesn't break ... please come, my hopes are about to break
# 6
Mohabbat ki nahi jaati ... karayi bhi nahi jaati ... mohabbat toh bas khud ba khud ho jaati hai
Love is not something that is done ... it's not something that can be got done ... love simply happens by itself
# 7
Joh humri marzi ke bagair, humre ilaake ki zameen pe apna kadam rakhta hai ... woh apne kadmon pe nahi, balki doosron ke kandhon pe lautke jaata hai
The one who lays his feet on the grounds of my territory, without my permission ... he leaves on the shoulders of others and not on his own feet
# 8
Badhon ka yarana karane ke liye ... choton ka pyarana bahut zaroori hai
To create friendship between the elders ... it's important to get the youngsters to be in love
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