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Dedh Ishqiya

Release Year - 2014
# 1
Saat mukaam hote hai ishq mein ... dilkashi, unss, mohabbat, aqeedat, ibaadat, junoon aur maut
There are 7 stages of love ... attraction, attachment, love, trust, worship, passion and death
# 2
Pehle bhi dekha hai ishq mein andha bawla hote ... par chutiya pehli baar dekhriya hoon main
I have seen before people going blind and crazy in love ... but I am seeing a dumbass for the first time
# 3
Wahi taj hai, wahi takht hai, wahi zehar hai, wahi jaam hai ... yeh wahi khuda ki zameen hai, yeh wahi bhuton ka nizam hai ... bade shauk se mera ghar jalaa, koi aanch tujhpar na aayegi ... yeh zabaan kisi ne khareed li, yeh kalam kisi ka ghulam hai
That is the crown, that is the throne, that is poison, that is a drink ... this is the land of god, this is the ruler of statues ... my house burnt with ease, but you'll have no problems ... somebody has paid me to be quiet, and this pen is a slave of someone
# 4
Hamari is duniya mein zindagi thami si rehti hai ... kabhi aaiyega bhut banke baithenge
In our world life is stationary ... do come sometime, we will sit like statues
# 5
Yahan libaaz ki keemat hai aadmi ki nahi ... mujhe glass bada de sharab kam karde
Here there is value of a dress but not of a person ... give me less alcohol but give me in a big glass
# 6
Is baar ishq sacha hai
This time I am truly in love
# 7
Vaada toh phir vaada hai, main zehar bhi pee jaon katil ... sharat bas itni hai, koi baahon mein samah le mujhko
A promise is a promise, but I can even drink poison ... the only condition is that, someone has to take me in their arms
# 8
Sanwaar nok palak aabruon mein kham karde ... gire pade huye lafzon ko mohtaram karde
Decorate the eyelids that are curled under the eyebrows ... respect the words that have fallen down
# 9
Tere vaade pe jeeye hum toh yeh jaan choot jaana ... ke khushi se mar na jaate agar aitbaar hota
If I believed in your promise then I'll should die ... and that I would have died with happiness had I trusted you
# 10
Jab maine usse khaas nigah-e-naaz se dekha ... aaina fir usne naye andaz se dekha
When I looked at her with my special eyes of pride ... then she looked at the mirror with a new style
# 11
Aaj zindagi mein pehli baar main tay nahi kar pa riha hoon ... ki main deke aariya hoon ke leke aariya hoon
Today for the first time in life I'm not able to decide ... whether I'm coming after giving something or coming after receiving something
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