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# 1
Sau kutte milkar bhi khule sher ka shikaar nahi kar sakte
Even 100 dogs together cannot hunt a free tiger
# 2
Pyar ki aahuti hi pyar ko amar bana deti hai
The sacrifice of love makes love immortal
# 3
Chehre pe itna noor tumhare, aankhon mein itna pyar ... aaisa laga milkar jaise, aaj mile hai hum pehli baar
There is so much beauty on your face, so much love in your eyes ... after meeting you today, I felt as if we are meeting for the first time
# 4
Police ke insaaf aur zulm mein koi farak nahi
There is no difference in the justice and the injustice provided by police
# 5
Kaash unke zulm ki mujhe khabar hoti ... toh main tere jism par apna jism bicha deti
I wish I knew about their injustice ... then I would have spread my body on top of your body
# 6
Dil mein joh hai woh bol dena chahiye ... aaise dabake nahi rakhna chahiye ... acidity ho jaati hai
You must say whatever is in your heart ... you shouldn't hide it ... because it causes acidity
# 7
Duniya ne toh apne dil nafrat se is kadhar bhar liye hai ... ki kisi aur shay ke tikne ki jagah hi nahi bachi
The world has filled its hearts with so much hatred ... that nothing else can fit in there
# 8
Agar koi bhi kuttagiri ki na ... toh mere bhai tujhe kutta bana ke chhodega
If you do anything to trouble me ... then my brother will turn you into a dog
# 9
Ladki apne dil ki baat aankhon se keh deti hai
A girl says whatever is in heart through her eyes
# 10
Yeh ishq nahi aasaan ... ya toh dooboge ya tairke nikloge
Love is not an easy thing ... either you'll drown in it or you'll swim and pass it
# 11
Army mein rehkar ya politician bankar hi desh ki seva ki jaye ... yeh zaroori nahi hai
It is not necessary that ... you can only serve the country by being in the army or by becoming a politician
# 12
Kuch cheezein apni jagah pe hi theek rehti hai ... door se dekh lo, aankhen sek lo ... haath lagao toh gayab ho jaati hai
Some things look good in their own place ... you can look at them from a distance and make your eyes happy ... but if you touch them, then they disappear
# 13
Tum ek bahut badi daayan ho joh apne aap ko Draupadi se kam nahi samajhti hai
You are a big witch who thinks she is not any less than Draupadi
# 14
Jab God ki marzi hoti hai ... toh cheezon mein logic nahi sirf magic hota hai
When it comes to the wishes of God ... then there's no logic in things, there's just magic
# 15
Ek anbani si muskaan ke peeche dard ki karaah sunai de toh bhi ... yeh sunheri tanhayi jazbaaton se takraake bikhar jaaye toh bhi ... hum kuch nahi bolenge, kuch nahi bolenge, kuch nahi bolenge
Even if I hear the moan of pain behind a half hearten smile ... even if this golden loneliness straggles after hitting with emotions ... I won't say anything, won't say anything, won't say anything
# 16
Nasha chahe kitna hi zyada kyun na ho ... ek din utarta zaroor hai
No matter how intoxicated one is ... one day they do become sober
# 17
Neetu Singh jab koi mission par nikalti hai toh kafan apne saath lekar chalti hai ... ya toh dushman ko pehna deti hai ... ya khud pehenkar desh par shaheed ho jaati hai
When Neetu Singh leaves on any mission she takes a shroud with her ... which she puts it on the enemy ... or else she puts it on herself and becomes a martyr for the country
# 18
Is duniya mein na, pyar naam ka ek hi emotion hai ... baki sab lose motion hai
In this world, love is the only emotion ... everything else is lose motion
# 19
Mujhe khushiyon se bahut darr lagta hai
I am very scared of happiness
# 20
Mere andar kuch tootne lagta hai jab main hinsa hote huye dekhti hoon
Something inside me starts breaking when I see any violence happening
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